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This article is about the theme. For the character, see Jack Stone (Minifigure).

Jack Stone is a theme that was introduced in 2001 and discontinued in 2003. The most notable feature of the theme was its larger, more detailed minifgures. The sets have a strong civic action theme, with Jack Stone himself acting in various roles such as a Policeman, Fireman, Worker, Coast Guard, and Pilot. The theme was replaced by 4 Plus, which retained the adapted minifigures, but considerably reduced the focus on Jack.


The Jack Stone minifigure from 4604 Police Copter. Unlike regular minifigures (but similar to the DUPLO figures), the legs, torso, head and hairpiece are not able to be separated.

The Jack Stone theme was introduced in 2001 alongside the similar theme Creator. Jack Stone acted as the basic replacement for Town Jr. and City Center's juniorization by introducing larger figures, and keeping some of the previous juniorized elements as well as adding some new ones. It could be counted as the missing theme between City Center (1999-2000) and World City (2003-2005). There were also several toothbrushes and a video cassette that were based on the theme. It was initially a strong seller, but was replaced by 4 Plus in 2003. Despite having his theme replaced, Jack Stone was still a character in 4 Plus. Jack Stone also had a major appearance at LEGOLAND Windsor, where every day he appeared to save people trapped in a 'burning' lighthouse, zip-line out, and then douse the fire with fire hoses. This attraction appeared for a long time, but was eventually replaced with "Pirates of Skeleton Bay", who now use the Lighthouse instead.