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Jailbreak Joe,[1][2] or Jail Break Joe,[3] is a Town Rescue minifigure introduced in 1995.


Jailbreak Joe is nearly identical to his predecessor, Crazy Charlie, with the biggest distinction being their respective pants colors. He wears a white convict shirt, printed with black stripes and the number 23768. He either has white pants and black Mini Wig Man hair, or black pants and a white Mini U.S. Cap. His face is printed with a black mustache.


Jailbreak Joe is either running from the police or is being apprehended. When he is on the loose, police units mobilize to find Jailbreak Joe.[1] When he is arrested, he is locked in the Metro PD Station jail, although that does not stop him from escaping once again.[2] Even when told he cannot escape from the Command Post Central jail, Joe doubts the prison's ability to keep him detained.[3]

In the GBA version of the video game LEGO Racers 2, Jailbreak Joe appears in the second bonus game in Brickton. He escaped from jail and opened the back of an armored truck from which money bags started falling out of. The player must catch him before he takes all of the money bags.

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  • In LEGO Adventures! Magazine, Jailbreak Joe's minifigure appears in the comics as the Brickster. It is unclear if this character is intended to be Joe with a different name; if it is intended to be the Brickster with a different appearance; or even if Jailbreak Joe and the Brickster are intended to be the same character, like Luna Rom and Sky Lane.



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