Jake is a young boy and a fan of Kai.


When Fred Finley was asking questions about the Ninja, he interviewed Jake and the boy showed optimism that the Ninja will return and save Ninjago City. Unfortunately, Finely moved on from Jake because the reporter wanted to interview an Elemental Cobra.

He returns in Powerless, When the Ninja leave Kai, Jake came running into him and asks for his autograph; however, Kai tells Jake that the Ninja who did all the work. When the young boy asked why Kai isn't helping the Ninja, he tells Jake that he is without powers. This makes Jake upset and he calls Kai a quitter. In addition, he chased after the Ninja and decided he will help the Ninja.

Just before the Ninja were defeated by the Elemental Cobras, Jake came running in to shield the Ninja from harm, despite having no weapons to defend himself. A moment later, Kai saved Jake while defeating the Elemental Cobras.

After Kai saved the Ninja, they celebrate and Jake is glad that Kai helped the Ninja although he lost his Elemental Powers. Moreover, Kai calls Jake a hero for being so brave.


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu