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Jake Raines is a minifigure in the Pharaoh's Quest theme, introduced in 2011.


  • Jake has an appearance similar to some adventurer/gunfighters from some feature films, like Rick O'Connell from the first two films of the new The Mummy Trilogy (eg. The Mummy / The Mummy Returns).
  • Jake seems to continue the trend that was set by the first two subthemes of Adventurers; that the protagonist's name would be based on a type of weather condition.
  • He is American, unlike his friend Professor Archibald Hale who is British. The nationality of the mechanic, Mac McCloud, may be Scottish due to his name. The nationality of Helena Skvalling could be either Northern European or Arabic. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Famous ace pilot and adventure hero Jake Raines has made headlines all over the world for his daring exploits, which have ranged from looking for lost civilizations at the North Pole to searching out legendary treasures in the Amazon jungle. If something has wings, he can fly it…and if something threatens his mission or his friends, he’s ready to fight it with both fists flying! His hot-headed enthusiasm for leaping into danger sometimes lands him in trouble, but thanks to his courage and skills, things usually work out all right in the end. Jake has never believed much in ancient prophecies, curses or walking mummies…but all of that is about to change!


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