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Jawson in cell

Jawson is a criminal minifigure of the Space Police III theme. He appears in all of the summer 2010 Space Police sets.


Jawson is a trusted henchman of the crook boss Brick Daddy. He is strong but silent and easily underestimated. Although Jawson isn't very bright, he will carry out any job Brick Daddy gives him to do. Jawson has broken into and out of the astro-jail several times. According to the LEGO Club magazine, he is allergic to anchovies.


  • Jawson's original name was Hench, though it may have been changed due to it sounding very similar to another Space Police III alien, Rench, therefore avoiding confusion between both of the criminals.
  • Jawson's favorite vehicle is Jawson's Creeker, which was included in the 5983 Undercover Cruiser.
  • His mouth is big enough to fit a rod in through the side.




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