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Jester Gogo is a minifigure of the Castle (2007) theme.


Gogo appeared in two variants: one has a turnable face, with two faces printed on his head, he can be found in the set 7079 Drawbridge Defense. The other one doesn't have a double face, he can be found in the 7979 Castle Advent Calendar.

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Whether hes juggling, tumbling or singing in the face of danger, its hard to keep a good clown down. Like most jesters, Gogo is the only person in the castle whos legally allowed to make fun of the King, which is why Brutus keeps trying to find excuses to have him executed.


Gogo is legally allowed to make fun of Crown King Brutus, who is trying to find ways to get him executed. One time, he was on a drawbridge tower which was attacked by skeleton warriors. However, two knights helped fend off the skeletons. He helped a bit using a crossbow. He appears in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed as a support unit with the abilities Jaw Dropper, Royal Pain, Village Idiot and Dumb Like A Fox.

Gogo is notable for his support ability making it so that when he is hurt, he will heal his teammates.

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