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Jet is a pilot in the Rock Raiders which appeared in a total of 7 sets.


Jet has appeared in many Rock Raiders sets, from pilot-based sets to having her own key chain. In the aforementioned key chain, she also has the LEGO logo on her back. Her minifigure has white hair and a headset on the left side of her face. Her pilot uniform is blue in color, with a silver pouch on the front. The helmet she wears is identical in appearance to those worn by the Exploriens.

In the video game, Jet's headset is inside of her helmet. She has a silver belt on the waistline, and her blue legs have silver pockets, knee pads and straps printed on the front.


Rock Raiders[]

She is the only female member of the Rock Raiders team, and has a cheerful and strong-willed personality as indicated by the game and comics.

LEGO Rock Raiders (Game)[]

Jet would later see a fully playable appearance in the PlayStation One version of the Rock Raiders video game. She retains her equipment, and has a new ability: she, using her jet pack, can achieve a higher jump height than the other Rock Raiders. As such, in her mission (specifically called "Jet's Mission"), she can make jumps over deadly lava or water that could not be accomplished by other Rock Raiders. Jet, having the role of a pilot, also drives air vehicles faster. Whenever she is seen on her hover bike in the cut scenes, she says "Wee!" This indicates that she may have a speedy personality.

In-game description[]

Able to make the air vehicles travel faster and has a modified Jetpack allowing long distance jet assisted jumps.

Gallery of Variants[]

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  • The DK book "LEGO: I Love That Minifigure" (released in 2015) claims her full name is "Lt. Jet Marshall", but it appears this was a fan-created name posted on unofficial LEGO webpages, mistakenly included by the book's author. No known other books, comics, video games, magazines, official webpages, or any other official sources give her a last name. Her rank is also not Lieutenant, but Flight Lieutenant, as stated in both 2200945 Rock Raiders - High Adventure Deep Underground and B5458 Readers Level 4 - Race for Survival. LEGO DK books have a history of similar mistakes and sourcing unchecked information from fan-operated websites (including but not limited to misspelling Gabarro as "Gabarros" and Alexia Sinister as "Alexis Sinister" in previous books, both misspellings common among fans but never previously used in official materials), so such a mistake is unsurprising.



Video Game Appearances[]