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Jing Lee, also called Jing Lee the Wanderer is a friend of Johnny Thunder, Pippin Reed, and Dr. Kilroy who appears in the Orient Expedition theme.


Jing Lee has a black ponytail. Her face has short eyebrows, ovular eyes, and pale lips. She wears a green, oriental shirt with black Chinese symbols and yellow embroidery and red pants.


Jing Lee was a martial artist and freedom-fighter opposing the rule of Emperor Chang Wu, who had her father shot.

Jing Lee met Johnny Thunder, Pippin Reed, and Dr. Kilroy in their trip to China while they were in Xi'an. She approached them looking for food to feed her sick father, which she received. She used her martial arts skills to defeat Dragon Fortress Guards after the trio and then showed them to way to the Dragon Fortress and a secret entrance. While in the entrance, she told the trio how according to legend it was occupied by a lion-dog named Jun-Chi, but dismissed it as a story. Entering the main part of the fortress, Jing Lee and the trio were captured by Lord Sam Sinister, Chang Wu, and his guards and the adventurers golden treasures were taken. Jing and the group escaped when Jun-Chi made an appearance and scared the guards away. The group chased Sam towards the Dragon Fortress Statue, but were unable to stop him from activating it. The statue came to life and scared Sam away, dropping the treasures in the process. Johnny gave the treasures to the statue which revealed a key for two doors adjacent to the statue. Jing and Kilroy entered one while Johnny and Pippin went through the other. Inside the doors were wheels which when turned caused an earthquake, revealing the Golden Dragon. Jing and the adventurers escaped the fortress with the dragon and began their next adventure: getting it home. Biography This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Jing Lee is a martial arts expert and freedom fighter. Her father was shot (though survived) for opposing the rule of the false Emperor, Chang Wu. She becomes a friend and a great help to Johnny and his fellow adventurers.


  • Jing Lee is also the name of an Australian politician.
  • The symbols 不中 means "Not in", likely meaning she's not a part of Emperor Chang Wu's rule.