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The name of this combiner model is conjectural.
Although this article is based on an official subject, its actual name is pure conjecture.
Joker and Green Lantern Combiner Model One
Required sets:

4528 Green Lantern
4527 The Joker

Year introduced:



Super Heroes

The Joker and Green Lantern Combiner Model One is a Super Heroes combiner model that can be built out of the pieces of the DC Universe Ultrabuild sets 4528 Green Lantern and 4527 The Joker. According to the back of the packaging of 4527 The Joker, it is a larger version of The Joker.


  • This is one of two sets to be made out of the parts of these two sets, the other being the Joker and Green Lantern Combiner Model Two.
  • This could be a representation of a cape with robotic hands used by the Joker.


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