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Jun-Chi is an Adventurers Orient Expedition minifigure introduced in 2003 based off of a Chinese myth about a half-lion, half-dog deity, the Shisa. It was one of the three guardians of precious stones; in the Jun-Chi's case, a ruby.

Jun-Chi is exclusive to the set 7413 Passage of Jun-Chi.


Jun-Chi has black legs, black arms, and a red torso/headpiece set over these. His torso features blue and gold printing, and his head has white eyes, white teeth, and some blue hair.


The Jun-Chi is a large monster that has features relating to that of a lion and a dog. He appears in the Orient Expedition sub-theme of Adventurers. He is a Lion-Dog monster who is awoken by Johnny Thunder in the comic adventures.


  • He is similar to the Tygurah monster and the Yeti, as his body is brick-built and his headpiece goes over it.



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