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Juno Eclipse is a Star Wars minifigure based on the character from the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed series.


Juno has a black leg piece with a black torso. Grey printing is used on the torso for detailing, and shiny silver is used for two code cylinders, one on each side at the top of the torso, and the belt, printed at the bottom of the piece. Her red and yellow rank insignia is also printed on the left side. The hand pieces are flesh-coloured, representing skin, as is her head piece. The printing on the head piece includes blue eyes with black detailing, red lips, and some blonde-coloured hair at the top of the piece. Juno has an interchangeable black hat and blonde hair.


Juno Eclipse was an Imperial officer and pilot of the Rogue Shadow, Starkiller's personal shuttle. Juno was born on Corulag, and she was an experienced Imperial Pilot who led the bombing of Callos. Juno and Galen (Starkiller) each had a passion for each other, which led to an emotional attachment with Starkiller. She became a member of the Rebel Alliance soon after it was officially formed, shortly after Marek gave his life on the Death Star to save leading members of the soon-to-be Alliance.

Later on, a clone of Starkiller was formed by Darth Vader and once again had to save Juno. No one knows what happened after that.


  • Although Juno has two code cylinders printed on her torso, in the Star Wars universe, she only had one cylinder.
  • She is exclusive to 7672 Rogue Shadow.