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K8111 Battle Machine Collection is an Exo-Force collection set released in 2008. It contains all of the Exo-Force jungle-themed sets from 2008 with the exception of the Storm Lasher and the Hybrid Rescue Tank.

Sets Included


The Assault Tiger is one of the Exo-Force team's numerous vehicles. It is armed with a large blaster and a buzz saw. Like the other Jungle Exo-Force sets, it contains a mini-robot, this one armed with two chainsaws.

The predominantly green Chameleon Hunter is a battle machine belonging to Hikaru. The left arm has a flame thrower and double guns. A drill sits on top of the weapons array, and the long bar of the minibot fits through the weapon and in front of the drill. The second arm has a giant claw, made up of three red claws, which are also included in 8059 Seabed Scavenger in silver and 8117 Storm Lasher in yellow. A transparent lime green missile tip, sits at the end of the bar. Both of the shoulders are equipped with missiles. On the left side of the body, there is a scanner with a transparent blue piece, connected to a robot hand. There is an antenna on the other side. The minibot wields two red scythes. It is one of the larger minibots on the human side. The Exocode, on a green 2x2, is on the same arm as the giant claw.

The Dark Panther set includes 222 pieces and three minifigures, namely a Devastator and two Iron Drones.

The River Dragon is an orange, red mech suit. The set includes 115 pieces and a minifigure, Ha-Ya-To.

The set consists of the Battle Arachnoid, a six-legged battle machine piloted by a single Devastator. Like many other Exo-Force sets released that year, it features a detachable brick-built robot built into the model's design, which can snap off and be used independently. The cockpit of the Battle Arachnoid can detach to form a small flying craft. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

EXO-FORCE battle machine collection!

It's a battle in the jungle for the EXO-FORCE team! The evil robots attack with transforming mini-robot weapons, but the heroes fight back with mini-robots and tough battle machine tech of their own! Collection includes: #8111 River Dragon #8112 Battle Arachnoid #8113 Assault Tiger #8114 Chameleon Hunter #8115 Dark Panther Own them all and SAVE!

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