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The Kabuki Twins (Peri and Gale) are a pair of DC Comics minifigures who will appear in The LEGO Batman Movie.


The Kabuki Twins are two identical minifigures. Both have all the same parts including a head piece, a torso piece, a leg piece and two claws. The head has printing on the front that resembles a mime mask. The torso is primarily scarlet red and has only a small amount of printing primarily on the front. The legs have no printing and are of the same color as the torso.


The Batman

The Kabuki Twins are a pair of twin henchwomen that The Penguin brought from a vacation in Japan. They are agile fighters, never talk and are never seen without their Kabuki masks.


  • The claws used on this minifigure are the same as used on Wolverine.

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Silent, mysterious and seemingly identical, the masked Kabuki Twins are employed as bodyguards and enforcers by the Penguin (unusually for him, they are neither bird- nor umbrella-themed). Their martial arts abilities, coordinated attacks and razor-sharp finger-blades make them a dangerous double threat to anyone who wants to reach their squawking boss in one piece.

Bat-Fact: Unlike other twins, have never been known to finish each other’s sentences.


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