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Kaiju Kitty is an episode of the Unikitty! animated series.


When a giant slime creature rampages through Unikitty's kingdom, Dr. Fox unveils her precaution: the Shining Mecha Kitty Turbo V, a giant fighting robot. With Unikitty operating the head, Dr. Fox and Hawkodile piloting the arms, Puppycorn controlling the legs, and Richard manning the...appendix...the robot quickly neutralizes the threat of the creature. Unfortunately the team-apart from Richard-become absurdly enamored of their new robot. They soon begin employing it for various absurd tasks for which the giant robot is entirely unnecessary.

Months later, the five have still not left the robot, which has become a mess; Hawkodile's arms have also shriveled while Dr. Fox has become a cyborg plugged into the robot. Despite Richard's continued objections, Unikitty refuses to leave the robot and locks them all inside, only for the kingdom's monster alert to go off. Then, to her horror, Unikitty realizes that the robot is the source of the alarm, prompting the friends to try and destroy the mecha. Their efforts prove fruitless-until Richard realizes that his appendix cockpit includes the robot's self-destruct feature.


  • This episode is a fairly obvious parody of giant robots, particularly as they appear in Japanese television.
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