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Karzon is a Knights' Kingdom II minifigure released in 2006. He is Lord Vladek's weapons master.


Karzon wears a black helmet with many small bronze speckles. The helmet covers most of the head and has a single opening for the eyes and mouth. Karzon's head is yellow with printing of a ginger beard, mustache, eyebrows and hair. His eyes are slitted slightly and his eyebrows are angled down and inward in a glare. His mouth is open and his teeth visible in a yell of fury.

Karzon wears black armour with bronze lining and rivets. His arms are sand blue with black hands and his hips, like his arms and legs, are sand blue.


Karzon, along with Dracus, was a servant of Vladek. He was an elite Rogue Knight and was known for being sneaky, cunning and uncannily proficient at making and using weapons, vehicles and traps. Fittingly, his shield bore a bronze snake. Karzon was known to wield a Flail and a shield.


  • There are several differences between the minifigure and the action figure of Karzon:
    • The minifigure Karzon has a helmet where that covers the cheeks and forehead, while the action figure helmet covers his entire face.
    • The minifigure Karzon's face seems to be yelling, while the action figure's face is a scowl.
    • The minifigure's eyes are normal, while the action figure appears to have a glass eye with a scar.


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