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This article is about the Friends character. For the Scala character, see Kate (Scala).

Kate is a Friends figure introduced in 2013.


Kate has long black hair (Olivia's hair), and dark skin. She has a smiling face with her teeth showing, her eyes are brown and she has black eyebrows.

  • In 41000 Water Scooter Fun, Kate wears a bikini top with horizontal purple and white stripes. She also wears short blue swimming trunks and green sandals. Her arms, hands and legs are bare. Kate also comes with lime flippers.
  • In 41037 Stephanie's Beach House, Kate also wears a bikini top with horizontal purple and white stripes, but this time, it is combined with a light aqua layered skirt and purple shoes with matching anklets.
  • In 41094 Heartlake Lighthouse, Kate wears a blue bikini top with swirly flower designs on it. She also wears a double-layered orange skirt and dark pink sandals.


Kate has a water scooter and when she goes to the dock, she rides it around Heartlake City. She likes exploring the ocean. She is also a friend of Olivia and Mia according to

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  • Except for the core set of five Friends, Kate is the only mini-doll figure featured in a set on her own.
  • Joanna has the same head/face piece.
  • Kate and Andrew are the only Mini Dolls to appear in more than one set, except for the core set of five Friends. Both were introduced in 2013.