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Kazuda "Kaz" Xiono is a Star Wars Resistance minifigure introduced in 2019.



The son of a senator from Hosnian Prime, Kaz grew up dreaming of being an ace fighter pilot, but was only able to advance in life with his father's assistance. Eventually becoming a pilot in the New Republic Fleet, he was on a mission to deliver intelligence to the Resistance when he and his wingmates were attacked by Elrik Vonreg of the First Order. Kaz engaged Vonreg to enable his comrades to escape, and was then rescued by the arrival of Poe Dameron, whom he helped to drive Vonreg off. Impressed by Kaz's resourcefulness, Poe recruited him as a spy for the Resistance, and sent him to the Colossus fueling station to determine if the First Order had a presence there.