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The Kessel Mine Worker is a Star Wars minifigure released under the Solo: A Star Wars Story subtheme in 2018.


The minifigure has a light gray pistol, and the legs are a light mustard orange with muddy splotches. The torso has a muddy white utility belt with multiple pouches. The main torso is light mustard orange, with rank cards and a breast pocket. All of it is covered in muddy splotches. The arms are light mustard yellow, and the hands are white. The face has a prominent red visor.


The Spice Mines of Kessel utilized slave labor, which was ignored by the ruling class. Slaves sent to Kessel frequently died, and the life expectancy of a slave was 2-3 years. In 10 BBY, a group of smugglers, including Han Solo, raided the mines of Kessel to find coaxium. In the process, a large amount of slaves were freed, and slavemaster Quay Tolsite was killed. Multiple slaves escaped the mines, and piled onto Han Solo's Millennium Falcon, escaping Kessel.



  • The set was released as a promotional set on LEGO Shop, released for free with purchases over a certain amount. It was also released at Barnes and Nobles under similar conditions.