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Kid Flash (Wally West III) is a DC Comics Minifigure who appears in LEGO DC Super-Villains.


Wallace West, the third Kid Flash, is the teenage sidekick of the Flash and the son of Daniel West, the third Reverse-Flash.

Wally's parentage is a complicated story. Wally, like his older cousin who shares his name with him, was named after their great-grandfather. Wally's father Daniel West hid his true identity from his son, bonding and remaining in the boy's life as his "uncle" rather than his father.

Wally was originally a delinquent; he was disobedient and a troublemaker. When Wally's mother went missing when the Crime Syndicate tore through Central City, his aunt Iris West took him in but even she couldn't keep him out of trouble.

The boy eventually began to ease out of his rebellious nature when he gained an admiration for Central City's hometown superhero the Flash. Wally eventually gained a connection to the mysterious Speed Force, giving him superspeed that was unpredictable and hard to control, when a future version of himself sent his powers through time to his past self before dying. With his new powers, Wally attempted to help the Flash and his aunt in any way he could.

In "LEGO DC Super-Villains"

Kid Flash (Wally West III) can unlock after complete Level 3 from Story Mode.


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