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King Halbert was a Nexo Knights minifigure first released in 2016.


King Halbert's hairpiece is the same one used by the Classic King but in light brown. He wears a sand blue cape and has a golden and light blue armor.


King Halbert is the timid king of Knighton, who does not like being in danger or anything related with the Knights. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Strength: 2/10
Funny 6/10
Chivalry 6/10
Coolness 4/10

Description Nervous leader of the realm
Skills Giving long speeches, waving at people
Dislikes All things scary and dangerous
Likes Tournaments, premieres and peaceful things

Even though he is the king, King Halbert is quite a timid man. He is scared by any dark, loud noise and can get quite nervous when he thinks of what tomorrow might bring. He likes going to tournaments and giving speeches a lot more than fighting evil monsters. He loves Knighton and will do anything to keep it safe. Even if it means letting his beloved daughter join the fight at the frontline.

Gallery of variants

King Halbert royal garb
King Halbert
Royal garbBattle armor




  • The armor that he uses in his set was not yet seen in the TV series.
  • In the TV series, King Halbert is voiced by Brian Drummond.
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