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This article is about Royal Knights minifigure. For other uses, see King.

King Richard, simply named the Royal King in the US, is a minifigure from the Royal Knights theme. He served as the ruler of the Royal Knights, and he appears in several sets. He is the driving point for the Royal Knights army.

King Richard also appears as a racer in the video game LEGO Racers, appearing in the second and fifth circuits. There, he was simply called Royal King.


King Richard has red moustache and bushy red sideburns and he also wears his crown. He wears red shirt with four red and white squares and white sleeves. He was also spotted wearing a cape with lion symbol.


  • According to Bricks n' Pieces magazine, he rules a kingdom called Saxondale.
  • He makes minor appearances in the Castle Audio Dramas.[1]
  • He is a reference to King Richard the Lionheart of England, as he has the same symbolics and name.
  • He was the first minifigure to wear the Royal Crown piece.
  • In LEGO Racers he is named Royal King. He is also named Kongen (in the Danish and Norwegian language versions), El Rey León (in the Spanish language version), Il Re (in the Italian language version), and Koning Leeuwenhart (in the Dutch language version).


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