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Kirikori Nui
Kirikori Nui
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Kirikori Nui is a BIONICLE combiner model released in 2001. It consists of a model of the insect-like Kirikori Nui Rahi. Its instructions were available on the LEGO Club buildits website. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

It is said that in an age long past, the wings of the Kirikori Nui darkened the skies of Mata Nui and their ringing call drowned out all other sounds. Today, the great insects are rare and spend their lives browsing at the edge of the Po-Wahi desert. Despite their scythe-like jaws and powerful legs, Kirikori Nui avoid confrontation, bounding incredible distances away from even the slightest of disturbances. The Turaga remember the legends, however, and keep a watchful eye on the skies.

You can build the Kirikori Nui in colors of your choice using parts from your LEGO Technic collection!



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