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"Kite-Man! Heck yeah!"
―Kite-Man in LEGO DC Super-Villains

Kite-Man is a DC Comics minifigure who appeared in The LEGO Batman Movie.


Charles "Chuck" Brown Sr. was an aerodynamics engineer whose son Charles jr. died in a gang-war between the Riddler and the Joker. The result caused Chuck to arm himself with kite weapons to commit crimes. He flied with a big kite strapped to him. He also used a barrage of kites to overwhelm his enemies. He has run afoul of BatmanRobinHawkman, and Hawkgirl on different occasions.

LEGO Batman Movie

Kite Man calls himself the master of kites. He wears a picture of a kite on his costume, uses kites for all of his super-villain tools and weapons, and even flies with the help of a giant kite when committing minor robberies and being a general nuisance. Although he’s surprisingly nimble in the air, it’s usually pretty easy to defeat him by just poking a hole in his kite. Bat-Fact: Once beat Batman. Batman doesn’t like to talk about it.


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