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Knights' Kingdom was a short-lived subtheme of Castle from 2000. It was centered on the conflict between King Leo's kingdom and Cedric The Bull's bandits.

A second theme called Knights' Kingdom II was released in 2004, but there was no connection between these two sub-themes other than the medieval setting and the conflict between good and evil.



Cedric the Bull gets ready for an attack on King Leo's castle in a catalog scene from 2000.

The Knights' Kingdom line of 2000 signaled a return to a more traditional interpretation of European-style castles after the end of the oriental-themed Ninja. The Knights were led by King Leo, who were pitted against an army of bandits commanded by Cedric the Bull. King Leo's side was housed in castle, while the Bulls lived in the Dark Forest. It is unknown if this forest is the exact same forest as the one from the subtheme of the same name

This was the first Castle theme that featured a complete royal family with King Leo, his wife, Queen Leonora and his daughter, Princess Storm, who wanted to be a knight. King Leo's castle and grounds were decorated with new carved lion head bricks and ornate stained glass window pieces, while Cedric's fearsome battle machines were equipped with spring-loaded projectile launchers. King Leo and Queen Leonora have a son named Edward, who, in the book Medieval Mischief and Mayhem, was fighting in the crusades.


King Leo's lion crest (left) and Cedric's bull crest (right)

The minifigures of this theme were elaborately designed and featured many new torso pieces, faces, and more realistic helmets and armour pieces. The buildings, however, had a rather simplified design, which was also seen in other themes of that era, e.g. in Town Jr., a building style later called Juniorization. Buildings were built mostly from large wall pieces, more so than in previous Castle themes.


  • Knights' Kingdom was featured in 5774 LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge as the second world (after LEGO Island). On Castle Island, you had to help repair the bridge so that the Bulls and Lions could fight. You'd then have to joust against the Bull and destroy Cedric's castle (which exists only in the game) to recover a page.
  • Sets of this series influenced the first line of sets in the Knights' Kingdom II series.
  • Leo's lion crest is very similar to the Royal Knights crest with the same crowned lion head. It is unknown if Leo's lions are supposed to be the next generation of the Royal Knights or they are just a different faction and kingdom altogether with happening to have a very similar crest.

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Image # Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
10176 boxart 10176  King's Castle  869  12   $99.99  2006 
1286-King Leo's Cart 1286  King Leo's Spear Cart  22  King Leo     2000 
1286 1286  Knight's Kingdom Cart  22  King Leo     2000 
1287 Crossbows 1287  Defense Archer  15  Richard the Strong     2000 
1288 Fire Cart 1288  Fire Cart  22  Cedric the Bull     2000 
1289-Catapult 1289  Catapult  22  Weezil     2000 
Medeval4 2200946  Knights' Kingdom - Medieval Mischief and Mayhem         2000 
4202053 4202053  Knights Kingdom Playing Cards         2003 
4202054-Sew-On Cloth, Knights Kingdom I, Lion Shield 4202054  Sew-On Cloth, Knights Kingdom I, Lion Shield       2003 
4801 4801  Defense Archer  14  1   $2.00  2000 
4806 Box 4806  Axe Cart  27  Weezil   $3.00  2000 
4801 4811  Defense Archer  14  1   $2.00  2000 
4816 4816  Knights' Catapult  50  Richard the StrongPrincess Storm   $4.99  2000 
Dun 4817  Dungeon  38  John of MayneSoldier Skeleton   $4.99  2000 
4818-Dragon Rider 4818  Dragon Rider  11  Cedric the Bull   $5.00  2000 
4819 Box 4819  Rebel Chariot  46  Gilbert The BadWeezil   $5.00  2000 
6026 Box 6026  King Leo  21  King LeoRichard the Strong   $5.00  2000 
6032 Box 6032  Catapult Crusher  54  Gilbert The Bad   $6.00  2000 
6091-1 6091  King Leo's Castle  529  King Leo, Queen Leonora, Princess Storm, Cedric The Bull, Skeleton   $90.00  2000 
6094-1 6094  Guarded Treasury  101  2     2000 
6095 Royal Joust 6095  Royal Joust  99  3   $19.99  2000 
6096-1-2 6096  Bull's Attack    4     2000 
6098-1 6098  King Leo's Castle  529  King Leo, Queen Leonora, Princess Storm, Cedric The Bull, Skeleton   $89.99  2000 
Underattack DK  Readers Level 2 - Castle Under Attack         2000 
TS13 TS13  T-Shirt, Knights' Kingdom I      

The sets in the later wave each featured a chromed piece of armor or weaponry. The intent was to collect all four sets to equip a Silver Knight with the special pieces. Set 4818 also included a black dragon, a last vestige of the (evidently vanquished) Fright Knights.

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