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Knights' Kingdom
Park: LEGOLAND Windsor
Current attractions: The Dragon
Dragon's Apprentice
Knights' Quest
Current shops: Turret Shop
Current food facilities: Knights' Table Rotisserie
Knights' Delights
Opened: 1998 (as CastleLand)
Nearby areas: Pirates Landing

Knights' Kingdom was the first new area to be added to LEGOLAND Windsor after it's opening. It was opened in 1998 and originally called CastleLand.

It is home to attractions such as The Dragon, The Dragon's Apprentice and Knights' Quest.

The Dragon

The Dragon's second drop.


The Dragon was LEGOLAND's first rollercoaster in which riders sit in a Dragon themed train, with 14 rows and 2 seats in each row, it can hold 28 people in each train.

In the ruins of the castle sits a little roller coaster for younger children; The Dragon's Apprentice was built one year after The Dragon and is currently next to it, although a lot smaller than the original, it still completes two circuits of its track giving a longer ride time.
The Dragon's Apprentice

The Dragon's Apprentice curved drop.

Knights' Quest was originally the Dino Dipper in Adventure Land but was moved to Knights' Kingdom for 2011 and re-themed, due to the Atlantis Submarine Voyage.

Knights Quest

Knight's Quest


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