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Krag is a creature that lives in the Never-Realm. He was initially thought to be a beast that guards the Traveler's Tree, but is revealed to be the last Yeti, whose tribe was killed by the Blizzard Samurai.


Krag is a Big Figure mostly covered in white fur, the exceptions being his face, hands, knees, elbows, and a large area of his torso that are shown to have bluish-gray skin. He has large black eyes, short horns on his head, and a pair of large white fangs jutting up from the right underside of his mouth. His left side horn is broken, and he has a scar over his left eye.


Upon learning about the Traveler's Tree from a young boy, Cole decided to head there in a desperate attempt to redeem himself for losing the Traveler's Tea the first time he came to the Never-Realm. As he came across a dead tree which he mistakes for the Traveler's Tree, unaware that the bridge he stood on was about to give way before Krag soon appeared, and saved him by charging at him.

In Krag's Lament Cole assumed Krag's charging was a threat, and fought him until he was struck by a branch. Krag later took Cole to his cave where he later slipped out to get some food for him, but when he came back, Cole fights him before using his Earth Punch to trap him under a stalactite, and prepared to make his escape. But when he came across Krag's room, he learns that Krag was the last of his kind, and chose to befriend him as the best way to defeat him. After getting the stalactite off of him and offering his friendship, Krag excitedly hugged him before taking him to the Traveler's Tree by carrying him on his back. But when they came back the cave, Jay and Nya assumed he was a threat, and prepared to attack before Cole stopped them, and extended his friendship with Krag to them. After giving them all a tight hug and being offered to come with them, Krag places a branch down into the snow before letting out a roar for his fallen family, and accepts Cole's hand as they prepare to head back to the Great Lake.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu