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Kranxx is an orange Alien criminal from the Space Police III theme.


Kranxx is an alien criminal from the Space Police III line, and is the leader of the criminal biker group, the Black Hole Gang. He has a skull belt buckle and a skull on his vest, which is the symbol of the Black Hole Gang. Kranxx is usually found breaking speed limits or blowing up diners. Another alien criminal, Rench, looks very similar to him, but his skin is a lime-green colour. Rench is apparently Kranxx's third cousin, which explains the similarities. They are also probably the same alien species as well, with colour variations.

Kranxx is a pilot with a will for speed. In the sets in which he appears, he pilots smaller craft with large thrusters.


  • The original name intended for Kranxx was Plisken, however, this name was rejected for legal reasons. The name is referenced to Snake Plissken, a fictional character from the two films Escape from New York and Escape from L.A. Kranxx is still referred to as Plisken in LEGO Battles.
  • In LEGO Battles, he is orange, but he turns lime green if you click on him.
  • In "May the fourth be with you", he can be seen in the background in the Mos Eisley Cantina beside the Jawa.
  • Although Kranxx is said to be the Black Hole gang leader, Brick Daddy is said to be the leader in all of the 2010 sets.
  • His head is used by Rench but in an other color.