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"Jingle. Jingle. Zap!"

Krazi is a Ninjago minifigure released in 2011. He is a skeleton warrior working for Lord Garmadon and wears blue shoulder pads, a jester's hat, a new skeleton torso and legs with boots. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Weapon of Choice: Bone
Elemental Color: Blue
Strength: Speed

Boom - Krazi strikes like a big bolt of lightning. He's wild, electric, and super charged with negative energy. Boom, Boom - he's got a bone to pick with life, and uses it to flatten everyone. His destruction is everywhere.

He is explosive madness - Jingle, Jingle, Jangle - he never goes anywhere without his jester hat.

CGI of Krazi


Krazi appears in Day of the Departed as one of a pair of Skulkin who help Samukai kidnap Ed and Edna Walker so that their leader can eliminate Jay; however, he and his compatriot are defeated by Ronin.


  • Krazi is the fastest Ninjago skeleton.
  • Krazi's name is a play of the word "Crazy", and he wears a jester's cap and lipstick to symbolize it.
  • Although the majority of skeletons in the movie seem to be Krazi, there are only three LEGO sets including him.
  • In one of the posters where Frakjaw is sitting on the laptop Krazi's left leg is backwards if you look closely. His leg is also backwards in the art for the Ice Dragon Attack set.
  • His name is misspelled "Krazy" in the credits for Return to the Fire Temple.
  • There are no sets that include him with his jester hat and armor. It is always one or the other.
  • In the description it said that he never goes anywhere without his hat, but he's never seen with his jester hat in the TV show.
  • Krazi has the same hat as Jester Gogo.
  • Krazi's head piece from 2016 is the same as the head piece of some versions of Harley Quinn.
  • In the Salvage M.E.C. set, Krazy is depicted wielding the Axe used by Samukai in the actual special.

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