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Krysto is the homeworld of the Ice Planet 2002 theme. It is a remote, icy planet that is the site of top secret rocket and satellite research.

The box for set 6973 Deep Freeze Defender provides some information on the world in a block of text inside the front flap. Strangely, it claims that it is the region of the universe Krysto is located in that is named Ice Planet 2002. Most other sources simply refer to the planet as the Ice Planet. This is a description taken from the box of set 6973 Deep Freeze Defender. Do not modify it.

"The ice planet Krysto, with its vast network of frozen tunnels and caves, is the capital of a remote part of the universe known as Ice Planet 2002. It is from this snow covered planet that rocket technicians are conducting top secret research. Their findings are coveted by the Blacktron forces and even renegades within the Space Police."

The bio for the Space Miner refers to the world as Krysto-2002, and implies it was the source of the ice meteorites containing aliens from the Arctic theme: This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item’s product page)

"Give me a good laser-drill and a spot to plant my magno-boots, and I can dig up anything!"

The Space Miner has worked some of the toughest, dirtiest, and most dangerous jobs that the galaxy has to offer. He’s drilled for high-yield Brickonium energy crystals deep beneath the crust of Planet U, and plumbed the frozen caverns of Krysto-2002 to find the source of a swarm of ice meteorites that were pelting the Earth’s polar regions.

The rough-and-tumble Space Miner likes nothing better than scrambling around on the surface of an isolated planetoid spinning in the depths of space, and no matter how hard the mission, he never complains. He doesn’t take time off, either – after all, what vacation could possibly be more fun than the job he does every day?


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