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Disco Elevator at the Legoland Hotel

Disco Elevator at the Legoland Hotel

The LEGOLAND Hotel California was opened in April 4, 2013. A LEGO model of the LEGOLAND Hotel is present near the hotel. The hotel contains 250 rooms and a lobby, a skyline bar and cafe, a swimming pool and a brick restaurant. A unique feature of the rooms is that they all of them incorporate either the LEGO Pirate, Knights, or Adventure theme. Hotel guests enjoy early access to select LEGOLAND rides and attractions 30 minutes before the Park officially opens.[1] Many features of the hotel incorporate nontraditional aspects inspired by the LEGO brand such as a 'disco' elevator with a mirror ball and flashing lights and a 32 foot high shipwreck and castle in the lobby.[2] The Bricks Family Restaurant also includes many features designed using lego elements including giant LEGO kitchen equipment, enormous LEGO dishes of foods and LEGO spinning plates. Next to the hotel is a tower. During it's opening many people came to stay in the hotel. [source?]



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