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LEGOLAND Windsor Fireworks are an annual event at LEGOLAND Windsor towards the end of season. During these periods, parks are open later for fireworks. It is the only event to happen every year since the park opened in 1996.


  • Usually they take place in October and November, around the half-term week for schools.
  • The fireworks are usually themed around a popular or new theme.
  • Some rides, such as The Dragon (A Roller-coaster) are re-opened for a short period after the fireworks.
  • The road to and out of the park is closed during the firework show.
  • Recently, other events have taken place during the day before the fireworks.
  • Often, carts sell goods such as glow sticks and lightsabers during the events.


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Jedi Council Training

The Jedi Council Training events were to earn a exclusive poster of 2008 minifigures. There were Lightsaber and Focus training sessions at Miniland and Balance and Agility sessions at Knights Kingdom.


A Jedi and his padawan were stuck in the Outer rim when the padawan believed to have sensed his way to the Jedi Council. The padawan flew his master's ship, but ended up in an asteroid field, just narrowly missing an asteroid. They then got attacked by Vulture droids, before making it to Coruscant.


In 2009, Indiana Jones fireworks took place.


The 2010 event was called The Grand Tournament of Spells and themed around the Kingdoms theme.

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