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This article is about the wooden toy. For the modern LEGO set, see 4000020 H.C. Andersen's Clumsy Hans.
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LEGO "Clumsy Hans" is a Wood Toys set released in 1936. It includes a Hans figure attached to a riding-goat.


Hans sits on top of a red and white billy goat, with a string below to connect to the wheels. As a pull-along toy, when someone pulls the goat, Hans and the goat bob up and down.

The entire set is built into one wood piece, Hans being completely made on the goat.


Hans goes on a ride on his goat.


  • The set is based off the Danish fairy tale, Klods-Hans, created by the poet Hans Christian Andersen.
  • This is the first ever Lego product to depict a human being.