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LEGO Adventurers, also known as LEGO DIG[1] and LEGO Explorers[2], is an unreleased video game centered around the Adventurers Egypt subtheme. It was cancelled along with LEGO Sea Challenge.


LEGO Adventurers was intended to be set in the Lost City of OGEL, which according to the Inhouse Preliminary Design Document[3] was inspired by the Giza Horizon of ancient Egypt. The game would have started out with the Infomaniac calling out after he was trapped in an Anubis themed box. The player would then have freed the Infomaniac, before asking them to help save OGEL and then inviting them in his tent.

It is explained the city of OGEL, recent discovered or more accurately rediscovered, has been plundered by several bad guy guys. The treasures they stole have caused OGEL to deconstruct. Guardians of OGEL will capture and lock up all people they find good and bad. Unless the player can find the entrance to OGEL and the lost OGEL Ruby, that bad guys didn't successfully steal during a previous raid, all is doomed.

Once outside the entrance to OGEL the player would have found a campfire and freed Pepper from a box like the Infomaniac, who is on a quest of his own to his father who is lost in the city. Pepper would then offer to help the player as a guide and carry their backpack.

After entering OGEL the player would have met King Rom Dot, who would have spoken in riddles and described the mysteries of the city to them. Additionally, they would have discovered more secret tombs, found new bad guys trying to steal stuff, and freed more people from the same boxes the guardians of OGEL put Pepper and the Infomaniac in.

Eventually, the OGEL Ruby would have been stolen by one of the bad guys and the city would have started to deconstruct. The guardians of OGEL would be after everyone trying to find it and potentially have captured Pepper. The player would have to of scaped the city as various passageways got destroyed or be entombed there forever.

If the player made it to the surface they would have to of chased the thief in a car to recover the OGEL Ruby, before quickly driving back to the nearly sunken city of OGEL to return it to restore the city.


Little is known about how far its development got other than music, art, and design documents were created for it. Preliminary design document artwork dated July 23, 1997 features 5978 Sphinx Secret Surprise and a variation of Dr. Kilroy's minifigure with the Infomaniac's head.[4] Baron von Barron's name would have been Colonel or Baron von Brickoff of Buildovia, with the document mentioning that he often changes his name and story;[5] this title indicates that he likely had a connection to Mama Brickolini, who was rumored to be part of the Royal House of Buildovia according to the 5731 LEGO Island manual. According to composer Lorin Nelson, desert island scenarios were considered during LEGO Island's development, leading him to compose several tracks for the theme that went unused.[6]

The project, along with LEGO Sea Challenge, was repitched to LEGO Media International in September of 1999.[7] Versions following that were conceived, including an edutainment title targeting the first grade[8] (combining elements from both LEGO Adventurers and LEGO Sea Challenge) and a variation of the main design with several changes.[9]