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The LEGO Ambassador Network is a group comprised of LEGO User Group ambassadors from around the world who represent the AFOL community and serve as a source of communication with the LEGO Group.


The organization was formed in 2005 as the Ambassador Program, with the goal to reach out to the numerous AFOL groups formed throughout the globe, dedicated to the appreciation of LEGO. By process of nomination, representatives are chosen to represent their given LUG and serve as a link to the given group with the LEGO Group. After 9 years, the program was revamped in 2014, being renamed to the LEGO Ambassador Network. The program serves to connect AFOLs with the LEGO Group and share information and create activities to strengthen the relationship between the LEGO Group and its adult fans. As of 2020, there are over 449 ambassadors representing LEGO User Groups across the world on the LEGO Ambassador Network.

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