Class 4 article

LEGO Art is a mosaic theme that was first introduced in 2020. Four sets were released in the first wave, which was released as part of the Autumn 2020 wave.


In 2020, LEGO officially discontinued the Expert subtheme of Creator, which was where they had released the various 18+ sets. After the discontinuation, LEGO released LEGO Art as a mosaic theme. LEGO has a history of mosaics, with various individual sets released before under various themes. However, LEGO Art is the first set to be entirely mosaic related.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
31197 alt1.jpg31197Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe3341N/A$119.99 / €116.97August 24, 2020
31198 alt1.jpg31198The Beatles2933N/A$119.99 / €116.97August 24, 2020
31199 alt1.jpg31199Marvel Studios Iron Man3167N/A$119.99 / €116.97August 2, 2020
31200 alt1.jpg31200Star Wars The Sith3406N/A$119.99 / €116.97August 24, 2020
31201-1.jpg31201Harry Potter Hogwarts Crests4249N/A$119.99 / €119.992021
31202 alt1.jpg31202Disney's Mickey Mouse2658N/A$119.99 / €119.992021
31203 alt1.jpg31203World Map11695N/A$249.99 / €249.992021