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LEGO Batman: the Visual Dictionary
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Batman (Electro Suit)


Dorling Kindersley


September 3, 2012


Batman, Super Heroes


LEGO Batman: the Visual Dictionary is a Batman book published in 2012 by Dorling Kindersley. It comes with an exclusive Electro Suit Batman minifigure. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Enter the world of LEGO Batman

LEGO® Batman the Visual Dictionary is the complete visual guide to all things LEGO Batman, and includes an exclusive minifigure with every copy.

This is the ultimate guide to every set and minifigure to be found in the Arkham universe, including all of your favourite goodies (and baddies), from Catwoman, The Joker and Poison Ivy, to Robin and Alfred. Take a look inside amazing locations - from the spooky Arkham Asylum to the brilliant Batcave. You can even get up close to the Batmobile and relive major events such as Mr Freeze and The Penguin's invasion.

An illustrated timeline shows every LEGO Batman set ever produced. Fantastic comic-strip features bring the models to life, as you learn about them all from the point of view of the amazing universe of LEGO Batman. Go beyond the bricks to look at the world of the LEGO Batman computer game, merchandise and the fan community. What's more, the corners of each page create two fun flip books for you to enjoy!

There's no need to send out the Bat-Signal - LEGO® Batman the Visual Dictionary will save the day for fans of LEGO Batman.

Minifigure Included

Batman (Electro Suit)


  • This book is based on all LEGO Batman history from the Batman and Super Heroes themes.
  • It is the third licensed theme to have a visual dictionary, the first being Star Wars and the second being Harry Potter.
  • Page 58 states that Two-Face first appeared in 1942. This is incorrect. While 1942 was Two-Face's first appearance, it was not Harvey Dent's. The 1942 Two-Face's name was Harvey Kent; Harvey Dent did not come about until later.
  • One picture, also found on page 58, shows the 2012 Two-Face minifigure with a grey left hand. This is incorrect. While the 2006 Two-Face had one grey and one flesh-coloured hand, the 2012 minifigure has two flesh-colored hands.
  • The Two-Face minifigure in one of the comics is a misprint. The mouth and facial details are purple and the 'bad' eye has a black circle surrounding it.
  • ISBN: 9781409386018