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The LEGO Batman Short is a Super Heroes mini-movie shown on Cartoon Network on March 23, 2012.


The short opens with a shot of a fisherman. The Joker is on his jetski and Batman is holding onto a ladder, attached to a helicopter Robin pilots. The Joker then throws clamping teeth that snap. Batman summons the Batwing just in time to save himself. Next, Batman chases the Joker, who launches a missile at the Batwing, though it is unscathed. He then throws electric pies at it with the same result. The Joker then says, "Where does he get these unbreakable toys!?" and kicks the Batwing and Batman shoots out a net that captures him. A text appears, "To be continued..."

Next we see Lois Lane on TV, covering Batman's capture of Joker. The Joker, who is watching the programme, destroys the TV. The Joker is then broken out of prison by Lex Luthor. He describes his new machine and uses it on The Penguin's cell in Arkham. He asked him if he could get him a new power source, as it is by Kryptonite. In return, Lex would let Joker use his machine, the Deconstructor. Then Lex says "Do you know anybody that has shiny, black, unbreakable toys?" Joker then laughs and the short ends.


Lego Batman 2 First Look Intro Video

Lego Batman 2 First Look Intro Video

The short




  • Although the short is not a direct cut from LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, similar scenes could be found, where only the dialouges are changed.
  • The Joker's hands are grey in the short.
  • Joker's line, "Where does he get those unbreakable toys?", is similar to his line in Tim Burton's "Batman", "Where does he get those wonderful toys?"
  • Originally, the intro to the short said "LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes", but this was changed to "LEGO Batman".[1]




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