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LEGO BOOST is a robotics LEGO set aimed at children aged 7 years and up.

5 different models are included in the box: Vernie the Robot, Frankie the Cat, Autobuilder, Guitar4000 and M.T.R.4.

The Move Hub smart brick communicates with a touchscreen tablet (Android, iPad or Windows 10 - see compatibility list) which needs to be purchased separately. Communication occurs using the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol. In addition to the two motors/rotation sensors built into the hub, there is an external motor/rotation sensor, and a light/colour sensor. These connect to the hub through cables with a proprietary connector.

Programming the device occurs in a block-based programming system (similar to Scratch) that is touch-based, and each model has different programming blocks relevant to their capabilities. Progressively higher-level programming areas are unlocked as the easier ones are completed.


The set is also compatible with the 2018 Ninjago set 70652 Stormbringer.