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LEGO City Mini Movies are a series of mini movies based on City released in 2011.

List of Episodes

3D Mini Movies


  1. Hot Chase
  2. Rocket Cash
  3. Cash Splash
  4. Crooks Everywhere


  1. Money Tree
  2. Gold Run


  1. Lights, Camera, Fire!
  2. Museum Heist
  3. Fishing For Trouble
  4. Adventures In The Air
  5. City Life


  1. Catch The Crooks
  2. Secrets Of The Ice
  3. Train Ride


  1. Night Shift
  2. The Wild Chase
  3. Explore the Secrets of the Ocean

Micro Movies


  1. The Fire Hose
  2. The Acrobat
  3. The Rescue
  4. Hey City
  5. It's Tricky
  6. Fire Dog
  7. Hey! Hey! Hey!


  1. Ball n' Chain
  2. Arctic Micro Movie

2D Mini Movies

  1. On Wild Waters
  2. Knock Down to Build Up
  3. In Space No One Can Hear You Snore



  • In the intro from 2011, the car police officer has a grey hip instead of a black hip.
  • In Hot Chase, a firefighter has a police officer torso.
  • In Hot Chase, when the crooks are running away in the firetruck, their eyebrows disappear.
  • In many episodes, the car police officer has the wrong torso.
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