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LEGO City Undercover
LEGO Theme:



TT Games

Date Released:

March 18, 2013 US / March 28, 2013 EU (Wii U)
April 4, 2017 (US) April 7, 2017 EU (Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One)[1]


Open world




Wii U
Microsoft Windows
Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4
Xbox One


LEGO City Undercover is a City Video Game originally released exclusively for the Nintendo Wii U on March 18, 2013 in the US and March 28, 2013 in Europe. On November 22, 2016, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced that the game will be released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in April 4, 2017 and April 7, 2017 for Europe [2].


This game was first mentioned in The Brick 2009, where it was said, "LEGO City Stories will have a more loose central story that will encourage the player to explore a wider variety of side stories and challenges". The game was then advertised at the back of LEGO set instructions from 2011 City sets. The advertisement took up two pages. On the first, it showed a code, from which arrows fan out, pointing at a DS with the game, a computer monitor with the LEGO website, and a computer monitor with the comic builder on the site. The second page advertised the game itself, utilizing an in-game snapshot. The game was officially confirmed to be in production on June 7th, 2011, at E3 2011 and will be available for Wii U on March 18th, 2013 and in Europe on March 28th 2013 [3] Additionally, a prequel, LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins, was released for Nintendo 3DS on April 21st, 2013 in North America and April 26th, 2013 in Europe. The game itself takes place during 2012-2013.


Chase McCain returns to LEGO City after accidentally revealing Natalia Kowalski’s identity live on national TV after Natalia provided evidence that helped arrest Rex Fury. Chase was brought back by ship by Mayor Gleeson to investigate a crime wave she believes Rex Fury is behind, as he is a criminal mastermind and had escaped from Albatross prison. Chase is brought to the police station, where he meets Frank Honey and an apparent old foe, Marion Dunby, who had become the chief. After a briefing, Chase takes care of a bank robbery carried out by the clown robbers. After the mission, Chase bumps into Natalia Kowalski, who reveals that she had to change her identity to hide from Rex Fury and threatens to leave him for her personal safety. Later, Chase takes on a gang of robbers on the TV tower, and finds out from the leader that they were working from Rex Fury. Chase decides to go to Albatross Prison to find evidence of Rex, where he meets Blue Whittaker, who tells him about Rex. After investigating his cell, Chase discovers that Rex used a hammer to dig his way out of prison, leading to an assignment in the Bluebell mine to find more evidence, but instead finds Rex, who knocks him out and escapes. Seeking for guidance to defend against Rex, Chase goes to Barry Smith, who teaches him Kung-Fu by listening to a disc. Chase decides to work undercover with Rex's affiliates, starting with Chan Chuang, a person who owns a chop shop, and works for him by stealing cars for him. He then goes on to work for Vinnie Pappalardo, who assigns him to steal the Bell Pepper Emerald. Dunby then tells chase to get evidence against Chan Chuang by photographing his gang members Doing illegal actions. Chan calls Chase shortly after and tells him to steal a moon buggy since all his most trusted employees had been arrested. Then, Chase is called by chief Dunby to rescue Forrest Blackwell, who has been kidnapped by an unknown criminal gang. Vinnie Pappalardo then assigns Chase a task to steal a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton for Rex Fury. After that, Chase decides to head towards the hotel where he heard that Rex Fury and Vinnie were meeting and learns that Vinnie and Rex had a falling out. He teams up with Vinnie to go into Blackwell tower to find a hidden vault of gold, where Moe explains to him about an incident where Forrest planned to build an apartment with a mall in the Bluebell Park, but was banned due to the park housing a rare squirrel, infuriating Forrest. When Chase gets to the Tower, when he opens the vault, he is ambushed by Sentinels, who serve as guards. He outruns them, but when he goes to Pappalardo's Ice Cream Parlor in meet up with Vinnie, he rescues him from Rex's goons, who had frozen him in a freezer in retaliation of Vinnie betraying him. He next goes to the bowels of Rex's hidden base to find Henrik Kowalski, Natalia's father, there he finds that Forrest Blackwell himself is behind the crime wave. Henrik reveals to him a plan made by Blackwell to make an empire on the moon, where Henrik was forced to help make a protective shield for the empire. Upon discovering that Blackwell Tower is actually the rocket that Forrest was planning on using to get to the moon, he sets up force-fields around the tower to prevent the rocket's ignition from incinerating the city. Next, using another rocket, he goes to the moon empire and reroutes Forrest's rocket back to Earth, where Forrest then refuses to go as states that he decided to build his "utopia" (apartment/mall) on the moon instead, still furious about the incident of his cancelled construction project on Bluebell park. After fighting Rex Fury's T. Rex robot, Forrest destroys the tower, and leaves Rex and Chase to fight while he escapes in an escape pod. Chase then defeats Rex, and saves Natalia's spacecraft from crashing into LEGO City. Chase is congratulated for saving the city and Rex is ultimately put back in jail.


Additional voices by Stuart Allardes, Louise Andres, Stephen Austin, Becky Ballantine, Duncan Gillies, Adam Gott, Mark Healy, Alexandra Jaeschke, Glenn Kneale, David May, Greg McCarthy, Amy Parry, Graham Price, Jenny Rathbone, Ash Read, Meg Rouncefield, and Jon Spencer.


Character Abilities Image
Lego City Barry C.png
Blue full.png
  • Grappling Hook
  • Use detective scan
  • Use Criminal scan
  • Use audio scan
Chase McCain Grin.png
  • Chase McCain (Civilian)
Chase Civilian.png
  • Chase Undercover (Police)
  • Grappling Hook
  • Use detective scan
  • Use Criminal scan
  • Use audio scan
Chase McCain Casual 2.png
  • Chase McCain (Astronaut)
  • Jetpack
  • Teleport (Using Teleport Stations)
  • Laser Gun
  • Open space boxes
  • Chase McCain (Construction)
  • Jackhammer (Break loose tiles or objects)
  • Do Coffee Breaks
  • Fix Electric Boxes
Chase McCain Construction worker.png
  • Chase McCain (Farmer)
  • Super chicken glide
  • Chicken Egg Gun
  • Watering Can (Irrigate plants)
Chase Farmer Icon.png
  • Chase McCain (Fireman)
  • Fire Extinguisher (Put out fires and fill pools)
  • Axe (Chop wood blocking doors)
  • Save cats
Chase McCain fireman.jpg
  • Chase McCain (Miner)
  • Dynamite (Break silver LEGO objects)
  • Pick Axe (Break boulders)
Chase McCain Miners.png
  • Chase McCain (Robber)
  • Crowbar (Open locked doors or hatches)
  • Crack open Safes
  • Colour Gun (Change colour of objects)
  • Destroy ATMs
Chase McCain Criminal.png
  • Chase Suit (Police)
  • Grapple Gun
Chase Purple Suit.png
Dougy Dungarees.png
250px-Cahan Chuang.jpg
Duke Huckleberry.png
  • Duke Huckleberry (No Hat)
Duke Huckleberry No Hat.png
Fisherman Undercover.png
Construction Site Boss.png
Construction Site Worker 1.png
Construction Site Worker 2.png
LEGOCity-Undercover Wii U Visuel 012.jpg
Forrest Blackwell.png
  • Forrest Blackwell (Tuxedo)
Forrest Blackwell Tuxedo.png
  • Forrest Blackwell (Casual)
Forrest Blackwell Casual.png
  • Forrest Blackwell (Space)
Forrest Blackwell Space.png
Cop 2.png
  • Frank Honey (Poolside)
Frank Poolside.png
Normal Criminal.png
Harry Cop.png
James Curry.png
Marion Dunby Donut.png
Vinnie Pappalardo 1.png
  • Vinnie Pappalardo (Clown)
Clown Vinnie.png
  • Vinnie Pappalardo (Tracksuit)
Vinnie Tracksuit.png
Mayor Gleeson.png
Mustache Crook.png
Sentinel Decker.png
Fire Chief.png
  • Super strength
  • Crowbar (Open locked doors or hatches)
  • Crack open Safes
  • Colour Gun (Change colour of objects)
  • Destroy ATMs
Rex Fury.png
  • Rex Fury (Shirt)
Rex Fury Shirt.png
  • Rex Fury (Space)
Rex Fury Space.png
Sherlock 2.png
Watson 2.png
Green Clown Driver.png
Doug 1.png
Blue Clown Getaway.png
Criminal Leader 1.png
Press Photographer.png
Old Prison Guard.png
Prison Warden.png
Unlock Prisoner.png
Clarence Fletcher.png
Butch Patterson.png
Security Guard Undercover.png
Ross Wilding.png
Karate Guy.png
Karate Master.png
Long Hair Cop.png
Rodney Baxter.png
Bucky Butler.png
Old Quiang.png
Unknown Red Robe Character.png
Moe De Luca.png
Tony One Time.png
  • Paulie Blindfolds
Paulie Blindfolds.png
  • Lucky Pete
Lucky Pete.png
  • Crayfish Twins
Crayfish Twins.png
  • Mikey Spoilers
Mikey Spoilers.png
Cop Detective 1.png
  • Clutch
Cop Detective 2.png
  • Blubs
Cop Detective 4.png
  • Brickett
Cop Detective 5.png
Female Cop Detective 1.png
  • Cacey
Female Cop Detective 2.png
Unknown Tan Suit Cop.png
  • Fort Meadows Diner Gas Station Guy
Fort Meadows Diner Gas Station Guy.png
  • Doorman
Hotel Bodyguard.png
  • Fu
Chan Member 2.png
Detective Undercover.png
  • Bea Heckerson

Bea Heckerson.png
Horace Cone.png
Officer Park.png
  • Pat Patterson
Pat Patterson.png
Quentin Spencer.png
Ranger Barber.png
  • Ranger Lewis
Ranger Lewis.png
Security Supervisor.png
Traffic Cop.png
  • Beefy Baker
Beefy Baker.png
  • Carlo Jerome
Carlo Jerome.png
  • Carlo Jerome (Cone Head)
Carlo Cone.png
  • Chao Hui
Chan Member 3.png
Rex Fury Gang Member 3.png
  • Hai Chen
Chan Member 1.png
  • Hot Tub Harry
Hot Tub Harry.png
  • Hot Tub McCreedy
Hot Tub McCreedy.png
  • Maximilian Jarvik
Rex Fury Gang Member 5.png
Rex Fury Gang Member 4.png
  • Salvatore Calzone
Salvatore Calzone.png
Sentinel Channard.png
  • Shui Xue
Chan Shirtless Member.png
  • Spikey Don
Rex Fury Gang Member 2.png
  • Tim Welch
Tim Welch.png
  • Vitus Tinkleman

Rex Fury Gang Member 1.png
  • Barney Greenschist
Barney Greenschist.png
Ben Moseley.png
  • Bill Derby
Bill Derby.png
  • Mine Foreman
Mine Foreman.png
  • Otto Hornfels
Otto Hornfels.png
  • Todd Greywacke
Todd Greywacke.png
  • Brad Hoggle
Brad Hoggle.png
  • Buddy Weingartner
Buddy Weingartner.png
Charlotte Hannon.png
  • Forest Fireman
Forest Fireman.png
  • Jessie Weingartner

Jessie Weingartner.png
  • Oliver Duffy
Oliver Duffy.png
Ramon Lopez-Delgado.png
  • Ryan Mclaughlin
Ryan Mclaughlin.png
  • Ben Sharples
Ben Sharples.png
  • Brantford Cubbery
Brantford Cubbery.png
  • Bud Hawkins
Bud Hawkins.png
  • Cal Wainwright
Cal Wainwright.png
Classic Alien.png
  • Drew Calhoun

Drew Calhoun.png
  • Dutch Danish
Dutch Danish.png
Henrik Kowalski.png
  • Jenny Rathbone
Jenny Rathbone.png
  • Jonlan Regnix
Jonlan Regnix.png
  • Space Alien
Space Alien.png
  • Spaceman
Spaceman Undercover.png
  • Space Scientist

Space Scientist.png
Space Villain.png
  • Farmer Bales
Farmer Bales.png
  • Farm Worker Bill
Farm Worker Bill.png
  • Farm Worker Bob
Farm Worker Bob.png
  • Patty Hayes
Patty Hayes.png
  • Rooster
  • Squirrel McTavish
Squirrel McTavish.png
  • Troublemaker Phil
Troublemaker Phil.png
  • Troublemaker Tim
Troublemaker Tim.png
  • Troublemaker Tom
Troublemaker Tom.png
  • Luke Cashmore
Luke Cashmore.png
  • Bobby Hammer

Bobby Hammer.png
  • Docks Crane Driver

Docks Crane Driver.png
  • Docks Foreman
Docks Foreman.png
  • Garage Worker
Garage Worker.png
  • Harbor Worker
Harbor Worker.png
  • Lance Linberger
Lance Linberger.png
  • Maintenance Worker
Maintenance Worker.png
  • Miles Rebar
Miles Rebar.png
  • Patrick Wenham
Patrick Wenham.png
  • Tow Truck Driver
Tow Truck Driver.png
Race car driver.jpg
  • Bryony Muska
Bryony Muska.png
Baseball Player.png
Circus Clown.png
Deep Sea Diver.png
Demolition Dummy.png
Disco Dude.png
Forestman Undercover.png
Gorrila Suit Guy Undercover.png
Hula Dancer.png
Maraca Man.png
Ninja Undercover.png
Pilot Undercover.png
Pop Star.png
Robot Undercover.png
Samurai Warrior.png
Skater Undercover.png
Spartan Warrior.png
Sumo Wrestler.png
Super Wrestler.png
Surfer Undercover.png
Tennis Player.png
Tribal Chief.png
Tribal Hunter.png
Vampire Undercover.png
Weight Lifter.png
Zombie Undercover.png
Artist Undercover.png
Boxer Undercover.png
Cave Woman.png
Clockwork Robot.png
Crazy Scientist Undercover.png
Fitness Instructor.png
Gladiator Undercover.png
Hazmat Guy.png
Highland Battler.png
Hockey Player.png
Ice Fisherman.png
Ice Skater.png
Intergalactic Girl.png
Lizard Man Undercover.png
Lumberjack Undercover.png
Minotaur Undercover.png
The Monster.png
Punk Rocker.png
Roman Soldier.png
Royal Guard Undercover.png
Sailor Undercover.png
Skater Girl.png
Snowboarder Guy.png
Soccer Player.png
Street Skater.png
Surfer Girl.png
Viking Undercover.png
Werewolf Undercover.png
  • Air Host
Air Host.png
Air Hostess.png
  • Airline Attendant 1
Airline Attendant 1.png
  • Airline Attendant 2
Airline Attendant 2.png
  • Airline Pilot
Airline Pilot.png
  • Anchor Man
Anchor Man.png
  • Bank Manager
Bank Manager.png
  • Bus Driver
Bus Driver.png
  • Chat Show Host
Chat Show Host.png
Chef Undercover.png
  • Cleaner
  • Coastguard
  • Doctor Jones
Doctor Jones.png
  • Doctor Smith
Doctor Smith.png
  • Garbage Man
Garbage Man.png
  • Gas Station Manager
Gas Station Manager.png
  • Janitor
  • Mail Man
Mail Man.png
  • News Reader
News Reader.png
  • Paparazzo
  • Paramedic
  • Pizza Delivery Boy
Pizza Delivery Boy.png
  • Radio DJ
Radio DJ.png
  • Submarine Captain
Submarine Captain.png
  • Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver.png
  • Train Driver Bill
Train Driver Bill.png
  • Train Driver Bob
Train Driver Bob.png
  • TV Reporter
TV Reporter.png
  • Waitress
  • Weather Girl
Weather Girl.png

Characters Currently Without Names

Character Abilities Image
TBA Police Officer.png

Other Characters

Character Abilities Image
  • Brown Karate Guy
Dojo Student 2.png
George Fartarbensonbury.png
Dave Something.png

Criminals and Gang Members

Character Abilities Image
  • Criminal 1
Criminal 1.png
  • Criminal 2
Criminal 2.png
  • Criminal 3
Criminal 3.png
  • Criminal 4
Criminal 4.png
  • Criminal 5
Criminal 5.png
  • Criminal 6
Bearded Criminal 1.png
  • Criminal 7
Criminal 8.png


Level Playable Characters Enemies Location(s) Boss(es) Mission(s)
Chapter 1.png
  • None
  • Docks
  • Police Station
  • Lobby
  • Basement
  • Break Room
  • Dunby's Office
  • Briefing Room (Cutscene only)
  • Mercy Hearts Hospital (Cutscene only)
  • Cherry Tree Bank
  • The Red Cafe
  • Take Police Car to Police Station
  • Repair Main computer
  • Find a Police Uniform
  • Find Key to Dunby's Office and Wake him up
  • Go to Cherry Tree Bank
  • Arrest the 3 Clown Robbers
Chapter 2.png
  • None
  • Docks
  • Auburn Bay Bridge
  • Fort Meadows Diner
  • Bluebell National Park
  • Jenny's Diner
  • LEGO City TV Building
  • None
  • Go to Auburn Bay Bridge
  • Build Call-In Point at Fort Meadows Diner
  • Go to Bluebell National Park and get a Grapple Gun from Duke Huckleberry
  • Go to Jenny's Diner and use Police Scan to find the Robbers
  • Climb the building next to the LEGO City TV Building to enter level
Special Assignment Some Assaults.png
  • 3 Crooks
  • LEGO City TV Building
  • Chase after the Robbers
Chapter 3.png
  • Prisoners
  • Police Station
  • Albatross Prison
  • Countyard
  • Basketball Court
  • Cherry Tree Station
  • Bluebell Mine
  • None
  • Send all prisoners to jail.
Special Assignment Trouble in Stir.png
  • Prisoners
  • Albatross Prison
  • Prison Block
  • Blue's Cell
  • Warden's Office
  • Rex Fury's Cell
  • None
Special Assignment Miner Altercation.png
  • Chase McCain (Police)
  • Chase McCain (Robber)
  • Chase McCain (Miner)
  • Rex Fury Gang Members
  • Bluebell Mine
Chapter 4.png
  • Chao Hui
  • Hai Chen
  • Shui Xue
  • Fu
  • Serenity Bridge (30,000 Super Bricks to build)
  • Temple Dojo
  • Crabby Cove
  • Police Station (Cutscene only)
Special Assignment Kung Fool.png
  • Chase McCain (Police)
  • Chase McCain (Robber)
  • Chase McCain (Miner)
  • Karate Guy
  • Brown Karate Guy
  • Temple Dojo
  • Temple Dojo Courtyard
  • Temple Dojo Main Room
  • None
Chapter 5.png
  • Bandit
  • Roman
  • Gorrila Suit Guy
  • Super Wrestler
  • Minotaur
  • Demolition Dummy
  • Pharaoh
  • Tribal Chief
  • Cave Man
  • Police Station
  • Basement (Cutscene only)
  • Chan's Scrapyard (also known as Salvage Yard)
  • Art Gallery
  • Chan's Limos Company
  • Blackwell Tower
  • The Gillespie Theatre
  • Hotel
  • Pool
  • Bucky Butler
Chapter 6.png
  • Chan Gang Members
  • Police Station
  • Courthouse
  • Airport
  • Pappalardo's Ice Cream Parlor
  • Downtown Bank
  • Chan's Scrapyard
  • Noodle Bar
  • Park
  • Pagoda
Special Assignment Dirty Work.png
  • Police
  • Secutity Guards
  • Sewers under Downtown Bank
  • Downtown Bank
  • Downtown Bank Vault
Chapter 7.png
  • Chan's Limos Company
  • Crescent Park Wharf
  • Apollo Island
  • Space Center
Special Assignment Astronaughty.png
  • Security Supervisors
  • Security Guards
  • Apollo Island
  • Space Center
  • Control Room
  • Shuttle Bay
Chapter 8.png
  • Crescent Park Wharf
  • Science Museum
  • Police Station
  • Chan's Scrapyard
Special Assignment Scrapyard Scrap.png
  • Chase Suit (Police) (Exclusive Level Suit)
  • Chase McCain (Robber)
  • Chase McCain (Miner)
  • Chase McCain (Astronaut)
  • Chao Hui
  • Hai Chen
  • Shui Xue
  • Chan's Scrapyard
Chapter 9.png
  • Chan's Scrapyard
  • Bluebell National Park
  • Jethro Hayes' Farm
  • Castle
Chapter 10.png
  • Chase Undercover (Police)
  • Chase McCain (Robber)
  • Chase McCain (Miner)
  • Chase McCain (Astronaut)
  • Chase McCain (Farmer)
  • Chase McCain (Fireman)
  • Different Enemys in Suits
  • Castle
  • Art Gallery
  • Museum
  • Airport
  • Fire Department
  • Mercy Hearts Hospital
  • Ellie's Apartment Building
Special Assignment The Colossal Fossil Hustle.png
  • Security Supervisors
  • Security Guards
  • Black Hair Security Guards
  • Museum
  • None
  • Steal the T-Rex
Special Assignment Hot Property.png
  • Chase Undercover (Police)
  • Chase McCain (Robber)
  • Chase McCain (Miner)
  • Chase McCain (Astronaut)
  • Chase McCain (Farmer)
  • Chase McCain (Fireman)
  • Fire Department
  • None
Chapter 11.png
  • Chase Undercover (Police)
  • Chase McCain (Robber)
  • Chase McCain (Miner)
  • Chase McCain (Astronaut)
  • Chase McCain (Farmer)
  • Chase McCain (Fireman)
  • Different Enemys in Suits
  • Ellie's Apartment Building
  • Pappalardo's Ice Cream Parlor
  • Honey Hotel
  • Many Hotels in Paradise Sands
  • Fin's
  • Herbert Hotel
  • Promenade Gardens
  • Pappalardo's Ice Cream Parlor
Special Assignment Smash 'n' Grab.png
  • Chase Undercover (Police)
  • Chase McCain (Robber)
  • Chase McCain (Miner)
  • Chase McCain (Astronaut)
  • Chase McCain (Farmer)
  • Chase McCain (Fireman)
  • Grey Suit Security
  • Blackwell's Sea Tunnel (Cutscene only)
  • Forrest Blackwell's Mansion
Special Assignment They All Scream for Ice Cream.png
  • Chase Undercover (Police)
  • Chase McCain (Robber)
  • Chase McCain (Miner)
  • Chase McCain (Astronaut)
  • Chase McCain (Farmer)
  • Chase McCain (Fireman)
  • Vitus Tinkleman

  • Carlo Cone
  • Pappalardo's Ice Cream Parlor
  • Jimmy Grossman
Chapter 12.png
  • Chase Undercover (Police)
  • Chase McCain (Robber)
  • Chase McCain (Miner)
  • Chase McCain (Astronaut)
  • Chase McCain (Farmer)
  • Chase McCain (Fireman)
  • Chase McCain (Construction)
  • Security Supervisors
  • Security Guards
  • Black Hair Security Guards
  • Pappalardo's Ice Cream Parlor
  • Construction Yard
  • Observatory
Special Assignment High Steal.png
  • Chase Undercover (Police)
  • Chase McCain (Robber)
  • Chase McCain (Miner)
  • Chase McCain (Astronaut)
  • Chase McCain (Farmer)
  • Chase McCain (Fireman)
  • Chase McCain (Construction)
  • Construction Yard
Chapter 13.png
  • Chase Undercover (Police)
  • Chase McCain (Robber)
  • Chase McCain (Miner)
  • Chase McCain (Astronaut)
  • Chase McCain (Farmer)
  • Chase McCain (Fireman)
  • Chase McCain (Construction)
  • Different Enemys in Suits
  • Forrest Blackwell's Mansion
Special Assignment Disruptive Behavior.png
  • Chase Undercover (Police)
  • Chase McCain (Robber)
  • Chase McCain (Miner)
  • Chase McCain (Astronaut)
  • Chase McCain (Farmer)
  • Chase McCain (Fireman)
  • Chase McCain (Construction)
  • Vitus Tinkleman

  • Jimmy Grossman
  • Spikey Don
  • Maximilian Jarvik
  • Ben Sharples
  • Jonlan Regnix
  • Mount Cashmore
  • Rex Fury's Secret Base
Special Assignment Breaking and Reentering.png
  • Chase Undercover (Police)
  • Chase McCain (Robber)
  • Chase McCain (Miner)
  • Chase McCain (Astronaut)
  • Chase McCain (Farmer)
  • Chase McCain (Fireman)
  • Chase McCain (Construction)
  • Different Enemys in Suits
Chapter 14.png
  • Chase Undercover (Police)
  • Chase McCain (Robber)
  • Chase McCain (Miner)
  • Chase McCain (Astronaut)
  • Chase McCain (Farmer)
  • Chase McCain (Fireman)
  • Chase McCain (Construction)
  • Different Enemys in Suits
  • Forrest Blackwell's Mansion
  • Auburn Docks
  • Henrik Kowalski's Lab
  • Blackwell Tower
Chapter 15.png
  • Chase Undercover (Police)
  • Chase McCain (Robber)
  • Chase McCain (Miner)
  • Chase McCain (Astronaut)
  • Chase McCain (Farmer)
  • Chase McCain (Fireman)
  • Chase McCain (Construction)
  • Different Enemys in Suits
  • Apollo Island
Special Assignment Fly Me to the Moon.png
  • Chase Undercover (Police)
  • Chase McCain (Robber)
  • Chase McCain (Miner)
  • Chase McCain (Astronaut)
  • Chase McCain (Farmer)
  • Chase McCain (Fireman)
  • Chase McCain (Construction)
  • Ben Sharples
  • Moon
  • Blackwell's Moon Base
  • Blackwell Tower Rocket
  • Rex Fury




  • Buzzer - (dirt bike)

  • Groundhog
  • Hairdryer - (pizza scooter)

  • Redeemer - (modified LEGO tricycle)

  • Revolver
  • Rex’s Brute

  • Segway

  • Sweetie
  • Vor - (modified LEGO vintage motorcycle)

  • Wash Wagon
 (Mine cart)


  • Aceso

  • Ancestor

  • Arbalest

  • Cabrakan

  • Crater

  • Downforce

  • Earwig

  • Flare

  • Grassman - (lawn mower)

  • Hestia

  • Jalopy

  • Pumpkin

  • Rex’s Galican

  • Schmoozer

  • Sevila - (ATV)

  • Smallisimo - (car from 3177 Small Car)

  • Squeaky

  • Talos - (beach buggy)



  • Broadcaster - (news van)

  • Chan’s Ironback - (pick-up)

  • Cocoon - (space vehicle)

  • Galleon - (car from 7639 Camper)

  • Garrano

  • Gotland - (van)

  • Ironback - (pick-up)

  • L.E.R.V. - (luna rover)

  • Muncher - (icecreme truck)

  • Oldster

  • Rex’s Riot

  • Rugged - (SUV)

  • Squadmobile

  • Torsion - (SUV from 7635 4WD with Horse Trailer)

  • Transter - (pick-up)

  • Wanderer - ("VW" from 4207 City Garage)


  • Athena

  • Bearer 

  • Cetan

  • Chan’s Drakonas

  • Drakonas

  • Dullahan

  • Enberg

  • Falchion GT

  • Gersemi

  • Lantos - (race car)

  • Lusca

  • Narym - (Chase's personal car) 

  • Roar

  • Scout

  • Silversmith

  • Sphinx

  • Spirit - (sport car from 60007 High Speed Chase)

  • Tigerella

  • Valkyrie

  • Wrath


Rail Vehicles



Far Right Star Balloon

  • There are many references to the Mario video game series in LEGO City Undercover, predating LEGO's official sets based on the series.
    • A Star can be seen as a balloon at a star-shaped balloon fair.
    • Chase McCain uses a green warp pipe at one point.
    • Cheep-Cheep Undercover.png
      To unlock the Fisherman, you need to fish at Crescent Park Wharf, when you fish up the fish it is a Cheep Cheep.
    • To unlock Chan Chuang, you need to build a Bob-omb and throw it at a cage at the Pagoda.
    • The first phase of the Rex Fury boss is defeated in a similar fashion of Bowser from Super Mario 64.
    • In an area in downtown, there are cannons that fire Bullet Bills.
    • Above an ivy-covered tunnel, a Wiggler is wandering back and forth.
    • There are five buildable Super Stars from the Mario series, which unlock the Pop Star.
    • There are five question mark blocks from the Mario series, which when all are hit, they unlock the Super Wrestler.
    • There is a Red Brick that, once activated, gives the player Mario's Hat.
    • There is another Warp Pipe behind the dojo that can be watered, and reveals a Venus Fire Trap (Fire Breathing Piranha Plant). The fire from the Venus Fire Trap can be used to burn a large spider web blocking the character token, Barry Smith (Trouserless).
    • In the Museum level, a giant Dry Bones can be built.
    • Some characters jump the same way Mario does.
    • On one of the towers on the castle has a flag pole.
  • In addition to Mario, there are many other kinds of references to games, TV shows, and movies in LEGO City Undercover, including Shawshank Redemption, CSI: Miami, Miami Vices.
    • In the fight scene with Barry, when Chase McCain is hit with an uppercut, red letters that say K.O. appear and a classic Legend of Zelda fanfare is heard.
    • Many famous cops and detectives like Sherlock Holmes and Watson were seen in the Police Station's Briefing Room.
    • Horace Cone may be a parody of Horatio Caine from CSI: Miami.
  • The Wii U version of this game is one of the few LEGO video games not to include a multiplayer function and is published by Nintendo.
  • People that worked on the game like Luke Cashmore and Ross Wilding have minifigures you can unlock.
  • This game features all minifigures Series 1 and Series 3 from Minifigures Theme and all minifigures from Series 2, Series 4, Series 5, and Series 6, but not Witch, Kimono Girl, Lawn Gnome, Egyptian Queen, Evil Dwarf, Small Clown, Flamenco Dancer, Genie, Lady Liberty and Leprechaun. However the Lady Liberty made an appearance in this game as a statue, but without a fire element in her torch.
  • The poster with Chase McCain and Rex Fury may be referring to the special assignment when Chase goes to the mine and is ambushed by Rex's goons and dynamite.
  • Before this game was released, some of the minifigures from the game are made in physical forms such as Officer Park, Ranger Barber and Rod Stanchion.
  • It is unknown what happened to many characters, such as Clarence Fletcher and Chan Chuang.
  • Some of the districts in this game were named and designed after the real-life places and Historical Landmarks in the United States.
  • In the game's opening cutscene, the wilhelm scream can be heard when someone falls of a ferry.
  • In the final mission where Chase must skydive into the atmosphere to save Natalia, if you pay close attention to the planet below, Newfoundland can be made out and areas of extreme northern Canada that slowly change position as the angle changes, which would put LEGO City somewhere on the coastline in Canada, or in the United States on the Great Lakes.
    • Due to the tropical or overall warmer climate that LEGO City appears to be in with palm trees common throughout the area, it is unlikely that the city is located this far north. However, if this is the case, it is entirely possible that LEGO City is located on the Great Lakes as seafaring ships can and have sailed into the various lakes.
    • In Festival Square, "Stars and Stripes Forever" can be heard, which implies that LEGO City is an American city.
    • In King's Court, many fictional flags are seen on what is presumably an embassy. It is possible that this world's nations are different than those in the real world, but with the same geography. LEGO City could very well also be located in its own country not a part of the U.S. or Canada.
  • The Mario references were removed from the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions. They are, however, still present on the Nintendo Switch.
  • This is the second LEGO video game to be remastered, the first being Lego Harry Potter Collection (which has the two original games LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 and LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7).
  • The Epona city bus from the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch versions of LEGO City Undercover (as well as possibly from the Nintendo 3DS/2DS prequel of LEGO City Undercover, namely LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins) was renamed the Traveller for the PS4, Xbox One and PC ports of the game.
  • Pat Patterson shares a name with a former real life WWF/WWE (World Wrestling Federation/World Wrestling Entertainment) employee by the name of the same name. However, it is unknown if the LEGO City Undercover Minifigure is actually based upon the real life person or not.
  • Charlotte Hannon (the Female Firefighter) was renamed Jade Crosby in every other version of LEGO City Undercover (the Nintendo Switch, the Sony PlayStation 4, the Microsoft Xbox One, and the PC versions of the game). However, it is unknown why this name change had occurred in the game.
  • Two vehicles that are in LEGO City Undercover do, in fact, share their names with real life vehicles. However, the types of vehicles that they share their namesakes with are completely different in real life. The Spirit, which is supposed to be a Performance Vehicle, shares its name with the Dodge Spirit, which is more of a economic sedan, or, if desired, a sleeper tuner, than its sports car variant that is featured in LEGO City Undercover. The Scout, which is another Performance Vehicle, or sports car if you prefer, shares its namesake with the off-road 4x4 truck called the International Harvester Scout, which was supposed to be a rival to the Chevrolet Blazer, the GMC Sierra/High Sierra/High Sierra 1500, the Ford Bronco, the Dodge Ramcharger/Ram Charger, the Plymouth Trailduster, and many Jeep vehicles.
  • The Lantos in LEGO City Undercover shares a very similar profile, as well as overall appearance, to the Ford GT40, as well as its spiritual successor in the 2002-2008 Ford GT.
  • The Minnow Boat in LEGO City Undercover is a reference to the fictional boat S.S. Minnow from the Gilligan's Island television show, cartoon series, and made-for-television movies.


  • Albatross Island
  • Apollo Island
  • Auburn
  • Auburn Bay Bridge
  • Blackwell Bridge
  • Bluebell National Park
  • Bright Lights Plaza
  • Cherry Tree Hills
  • Crescent Park
  • Crosstown Tunnel
  • Downtown
  • Festival Square
  • Fort Meadows
  • Fresco
  • Grand Canal
  • Heritage Bridge
  • King's Court
  • Lady Liberty Island
  • LEGO City Airport
  • Pagoda
  • Paradise Sands
  • Uptown

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The Chase is On!

For the first time, the fan-favorite LEGO City vehicles and play sets come to life in LEGO City Undercover, exclusively for the new Wii U console. Players assume the identity of Chase McCain, an undercover detective armed with clever disguises. The mission is to put a stop to the fiendish Rex Fury and end his crime wave in LEGO City. As players run, drive and even fly through the city, they’ll use the Wii U controller as a new police gadget.


The Wii U controller is woven seamlessly into the gameplay experience. Players use it to scan for hidden clues and criminals, receive mission updates and place waypoints on an overhead city map that displays their position in real time.

Experience LEGO City like never before. Encounter familiar play sets come to life as players explore the vast city, looking for clues to bring Rex Fury to justice.

Players can go undercover with a variety of disguises including a firefighter, a construction worker and even a robber and use their unique abilities to solve puzzles and access new areas of the city. Once you've earned these disguises you'll definitely want to take a break from the story to enjoy some good old fashioned 'off the clock' fun. As Doyle explains, you can't be a good cop all the time: "There's so much more outside of the story. As a robber you can steal cars and try to outrun the police, take part in vehicle and free-running time trials, be a limousine driver, catch renegade aliens, rescue cats, put out fires... the list goes on and on."

There are more than 100 vehicles for players to collect and use to explore the city, including sports cars, motorcycles and even aircraft.

Players can expect talking minifigures and parody to deliver the game’s storyline.

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