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LEGO Friends Lemonade Stand Promotion is a Friends promotional set released in 2012. It was given to those who attended a LEGO Friends building event on February 4, 2012 at 12 - 2 PM local time at a participating Toys "R" Us store.


The Lemonade Stand is a simple structure, built on a 4X6 green baseplate. A red flowering plant and a dark orange kitten are both placed on the baseplate, in front of the stand. The stand is built on two white 1X2X2 bricks, one placed at either end of the baseplate. A pink 2X6 plate is set atop these, with various glasses placed upon it. Two dark brown telescope pieces support a white sign, which features "LEMONADE", printed on a sticker attached to it.


  • In the picture, the flowers are on the wrong side and the included kitten is missing.

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