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LEGO Fun to Build
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The LEGO Group

Date Released:

December 1995


Puzzle, Racing


Single player


Sega Pico

LEGO Fun to Build is a videogame title from SEGA for the SEGA Pico and licensed by The LEGO Group. This game was released exclusively in Japan in December of 1995. For context, the SEGA Pico was an educational console from 1993 to 2004 that utilized a stylus touch screen and five buttons. The game is inserted into the console like a cartridge, and pages from the cartridge can flip back and forth between levels to play different minigames. This would be read on the system by a motion sensor.

Like most SEGA Pico games, this one allows access to multiple levels with the turn of a page. Each of the levels are based on LEGO themes of the time, including Town, Aquazone (specifically Aquasharks and Aquanauts), Castle (specifically Dragon Knights and Lion Knights), and Space (specifically Spyrius and Ice Planet). The last page level is a free build mode in which the player can use common LEGO pieces to build their own model, as well as draw on a snapshot of the completed project.

''Fun To Build'' offers 4 levels with 5 building puzzles (with the exception of Space having 6) and some followed by 1 of 4 types of minigames. The building puzzles show an order of steps to follow to complete building different LEGO models. The order is demonstrated opposite of how it should be assembled, and the player must choose among the 6 parts which to add next to complete the model. A score will be shown for how many seconds it took to build the model. The lower the score, the better the record.

Some of these building puzzles will be followed with a minigame. Below is a breakdown of each level and which puzzle leads to a minigame: http://segaretro.org/File:LFTB_pico_jp_manual.pdf


  • Boat, Buggy, Helicopter and Racecar all lead to the same racing minigame. Choose a vehicle (even different from the one the player built) and dodge obstacles on a track with 3 lanes per vehicle. If the player wins the race, they will compete with the runner-up racer in a second race.
  • Pizza Van brings the player to a delivery game. Each time playing the game will offer a different number of pizzas to deliver and different houses to deliver each order.


  • Mini sub offers a side-scrolling adventure to collect crystals across the ocean floor and caverns. The player must dodge sharks if they want to keep the crystals in their final score.
  • Large sub presents a claw machine-like minigame collecting crystals from a circling shark.


  • Choosing either the Dragon Knights Castle or the Lion Knights Castle will open this minigame. Players choose between 1 of 2 castle factions to storm the tower in an attempt to rescue 4 knights cursed by the wizard Majisto. Most of the minigame offers fork-in-the-road style paths, with one leading a player straight through and another having an obstacle or trap. The path choices and traps vary with each playthrough of the minigame, and while some traps can be overcome, others send the player back to choose the alternate route. At the end of the corridor, the player must throw helmets onto each knight and rescue them from their spell. Majisto rides back and forth atop a green dragon attempting to block the player's throws. Both of these segments are shown as a side-scroller.


  • Once completed, the sled will introduce a minigame based on ice hockey. Each point amounts to building part of a robot. The first player to win 4 matches completes the robot.
  • The saucer puzzle leads into another claw-machine-type minigame in which the player finds pieces to assemble a robot among an asteroid field.  

Free Build Mode

Free Build Mode allows the player to create their own model out of digital LEGO pieces, or customize an existing model featured in the game. Players can change the color and orientation of each brick, as well as the camera angle of their model. Once the model is completed, there is an extra screen to draw or add new elements to the model, including brushes with multiple colors, minifigures, animals and plants to spruce up the drawing. There are even buttons to remove all drawings or remove all bricks from each segment.

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