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LEGO Games was a line of brick-built board games introduced in July of 2009. It comprised of 29 games, and 33 different sets. Unlike previous LEGO board game releases such as Chess or Tic tac toe, the LEGO Games line featured original games developed by LEGO in conjunction with veteran designers from various game industries.


3843 Ramses Pyramid

Ramses Pyramid was an iconic LEGO Games set, which featured a pyramid made of LEGO bricks.

The LEGO Games theme used standard bricks and building techniques in both construction and play, though two elements - the microfigure and the die - are both characteristic of the line and were exclusive to it. The die is actually so intrinsic to the theme, that it is actually incorporated into the theme's logo. Most of the games feature a playing board that must be constructed, although some others use a number of standalone structures instead.

The LEGO Games release schedule differs greatly between the European and American territories. They are typically released in Europe in steady waves much earlier than in America, where they appear sporadically and, in some cases, not at all.

In 2010, games were introduced that were based either on actual LEGO licenses, or, in some cases, original themes. Examples include 3862 Harry Potter Hogwarts, and 3856 Ninjago.


In mid-2011, a subtheme of LEGO Games, Heroica, was released, which was based on the concept of RPGs (role playing games), such as the iconic Dungeons and Dragons. The subtheme would see players exploring various environments such as forests and dungeons, collecting keys and battling monsters. The various games in the subtheme would also be combined with each other to form a larger playing area.

As of 2014, LEGO Games and the subtheme Heroica have been discontinued.

New elements

Die: A characteristic die element was included in every game, and features prominently on each game's box. It is composed of a red hard-plastic core cube covered in black rubber rimming to give the die a strong bounce. In the box of each Game, one of the characters in the game are shown rolling the die. Each side features four studs, and each game supplies different tiles - many with unique printing - to modify the die according to the game's needs.



Microfigures: Some games featured microfigures to serve as tokens. These are single pieces styled to represent minifigures - some original, others based on existing minifigures - but are only one stud wide and two bricks tall, and have no moving parts.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
20102010Happy Holidays139 December 2010
28535882853588Golden Dice7€4.992010
28560792856079Creationary Booster Pack30$3.992011
2856745-12856745Heroica Character Cards22 2011
30170-130170Ganrash55Goblin Guardian, Goblin Warrior 2012
No image3592Knights' Kingdom Board Game  Would have been 2009
38353835Robo Champ118€9.992009
38363836Magikus108$9.99 / €9.992009
3837-13837Monster 4141Scarecrow Monster (4), Troll Monster (4), Brown Monster (4), Red Monster (4), Skeleton Joker (4)$14.99 / €12.99March 3, 2010 (US) / July 2, 2009 (UK)
3838 Lava Dragon box3838Lava Dragon1314 Microfigures€12.992009
Race 30003839Race 3000166$19.99 / €19.992009
Picture 213840Pirate Code268Skeleton (x1)$19.99 / €19.992009
Minotaurus3841Minotaurus2113 Blue Spartan Microfigures, 3 White Spartan Microfigures, 3 Red Spartan Microfigures, 3 Yellow Spartan Microfigures$24.99 / €24.992009
3842-13842Lunar Command2716 Microfigures€24.992009
3843-13843Ramses Pyramid231Ramses , Mummy (8), Blue Explorer, Yellow Explorer, Orange Explorer, Red Explorer€29.992009
38443844Creationary3381 Minifigure, 1 Microfigure$34.99 / €34.992009
38453845Shave A Sheep118$9.99 / €9.99March 2010
LEG3846 1 p3846UFO Attack88Alien Microfigure€9.99March 2010
LEG3847 1 p3847Magma Monster95Green Magma Miner, Grey Magma Miner, Blue Magma Miner, White Magma Miner€12.99March 2010
LEG3848 1 p3848Pirate Plank1225 Microfigures$14.99 / €12.99March 2010
OB-13849Orient Bazaar2045 Microfigures$19.99 / €19.99August 2010
3850-13850Meteor Strike1852 Microfigures$19.99July 2010
3851-Boxart3851Atlantis Treasure280The Golden King (Microfigure)$24.99 / €24.99July 2010
3852-13852Sunblock80€9.99January 2011
3853-13853Banana Balance49$9.99January 2011
3854-13854Frog Rush107€12.99January 2011
3855-13855Ramses Return99Ramses, Jake Raines, Professor Archibald Hale, Mac McCloud, Explorer€12.99January 2011
38563856Ninjago245Jay (microfigure), Kai (microfigure), Cole (microfigure), Zane (microfigure), Sensei Wu (microfigure), Skullkin (microfigure) (4), Skeleton General (microfigure)€24.992011
3857-13857Draida Bay1018 Microfigures$14.99June 2011
3858-13858Waldurk Forest2258 Microfigures$19.99 / €19.992011
3859-13859Caverns of Nathuz217$19.99 / €19.992011
3860-13860Castle Fortaan304Barbarian ,

Wizard , Knight (Heroica) , Druid , Goblin King , Goblin Guardian X4 ,

Goblin Warrior X6 ,
$29.99 / €29.992011
36613861LEGO Champion2169 Microfigures$34.99 / €34.99August 2011
3862-Boxart3862Harry Potter Hogwarts333Harry Potter Microfigure,

Hermione Granger Microfigure, Ron Weasley Microfigure, Draco Malfoy Microfigure, Professor Dumbledore Microfigure, Gryffindor Boy Microfigure, Slytherin Boy Microfigure, Hufflepuff Boy Microfigure,

Ravenclaw Girl Microfigure
$34.99 / €29.99July 2010
3863 alt13863Kokoriko115€9,992012
3864 alt13864Mini-Taurus165€12,992012
38653865City Alarm2474x Crooks, 2x Police Officers$19.99 / €19,99March, 2012
38663866The Battle of Hoth305Han Solo, Chewbacca, Boba Fett, Imperial Officer, AT-ST Pilot, Darth Vader, Rebel Pilot, Luke Skywalker, Hoth Rebel Trooper, Snowtrooper€34.992012
3867-13867Maya Mystica  Would have been 2012
38683868Phineas and Ferb281Blue Robot (Ferb), Yellow Robot, Red Robot (Phineas), Orange Robot (Candace), Perry the Platypus  
Med gallery 6705 159 502613874Ilrion24010 + frog$19.99 / €19.992012
50003-batman-board-game-600x63250003Batman257Batgirl, Batman, Mr. Freeze, Nightwing, Robin, The Joker, The Riddler, Two-Face€24.992013
PhpATdpyv50004Story Mixer  2014
50006 alt150006Legends of Chima211Legends of Chima Crocodile, Legends of Chima Eagle, Legends of Chima Lion $19.99 / €19.992013
50011 alt150011The Battle of Helm's Deep338Legolas Greenleaf, Aragorn , Gimli, King Théoden, Haldir, Éowyn, Lurtz, 11 Uruk-hai Microfigures, 15 Berserker Uruk-hai microfigures, 4 Rohan Soldier Microfigures, Uruk-hai Crossbowman€34.992013
46489394648939Golden Dice8 2011
4648950 cards4648950Heroica Playing Cards   
Castle!!!922421Castle Game  1992
6012306-16012306Battle of Hoth Dice Keychain6 2013


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