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LEGO Island Comic Adventures



The LEGO Island Comics Adventures were a series of online games released in 2001 connected to the LEGO Island game series.


A total of four adventure games were available on the official website:

  • Brickster the Pirate

The Brickster burgles Papa Brickolini’s oven and Pepper Roni and Luna Rom ascend to outer space to retrieve it.[1]

  • House on Spooky Hill

Pepper Roni and Luna Rom notice that their coworker, Arnold, hasn’t returned to the pizzeria, so they visit the house where he made his last delivery to find him.[2]

  • The Crystal Brick

Luna’s parents take her and Pepper Roni to the jungle, but the next day a local tells them that somebody stole his tribe’s crystal, so Luna and Pepper Roni adventure to retrieve it.[3]

  • The Stolen Painting

Pepper Roni and Luna Rom find out that the Brickster just stole the Bricasso painting and they travel overseas to retrieve it.[4]