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LEGO Master Builder Academy was a series of kits that are released to help LEGO fans learn new techniques that Master Builders use. "MBA" was the replacement for the BrickMaster magazine. Master Builder Academy was sold in a series of kits which each include a building instruction handbook full of tips on the building techniques featured in the kit, and the bricks needed to build the models within it. With every new "level" of the series, a new minifigure is included with the first kit of that level. In every kit new accessories for the minifigure are included, which outfit the minifigure to the theme of the kit. Also, in each kit, new techniques or skills are featured for making LEGO models more stable and stylish.

LEGO Club Preview[]

A description of LEGO MBA was included on the LEGO Club Website: This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

The LEGO® Master Builder Academy is Coming!
Hey out there, LEGO Club and LEGO BrickMaster members! Here at The LEGO Group, we’re busy getting ready to launch something new that we think you’ll really like: the LEGO Master Builder Academy!

The mission of the LEGO Master Builder Academy program is simple: “Take Your Building to the Next Level”. And what do we mean by that? We want to help you use the expertise and official techniques of the real LEGO Master Builders to discover how to create better, stronger and cooler-looking models that you design all by yourself!

LEGO MBA will be a multi-level LEGO training experience. You know how in martial arts like karate, there are different colored belts that signify a level of achievement and rank? LEGO MBA will be like that too, with multiple levels of achievement. Each level has its own special color, but instead of a belt, you’ll receive a new exclusive MBA Minifigure in the color of the latest building skill level that you’ve achieved!

The first year of the LEGO MBA program features two skill levels – green Level 1 and yellow Level 2 – with more to come later on. You’ll master each level through exclusive LEGO MBA building kits and technique-filled Design Handbooks, three per level, each including pieces and instructions dedicated to a famous theme like space, robots, cars and more.

You’ll be able to find additional challenges and building ideas on the LEGO MBA website, along with skill tests to level up your building even more. As you meet and beat each challenge, your friends and family will be amazed at how much your building skills and creativity have advanced!

So what do you say? Want to take your LEGO building to the next level? Get ready, because the all-new LEGO Master Builder Academy launches this June in the US with plans to expand to other markets next year!


  • Most kits in LEGO MBA are 3 in 1's, or kits that come with certain bricks which can assemble in three different ways. "Level 3" introduced 11 in 1 kits.
  • LEGO MBA replaces the old Brickmaster magazine.
  • Each Level comes with a new minifigure, similar to earning a new belt in Martial Arts.
  • The LEGO MBA logo can be seen on the side of some vehicles in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
2020020200Space Designer178Level One Master Builder Academy Minifigure$29.99May 2011
20201-220201Microbuild Designer222 2011
20202-120202Robot Designer155 2011
20203 Flight Designer-320203Flight Designer150Level Two Master Builder Academy Minifigure 2011
20204 Creature Designer20204Creature Designer232Level Two Master Builder Academy Minifigure 2011
20205 Auto Designer20205Auto Designer188Level Two Master Builder Academy Minifigure 2011
2020620206The Lost Village229Level Three Master Builder Academy Minifigure 2012
2020720207The Forbidden Bridge220 2012
2020320208The Dark Lair  2012
MBA kit 1020209Time Machine  Unreleased
MBA kit 1120210World Architecture  July 2013
MBA kit 1220211Inventor's Lab  July 2013
46590184659018LEGO MBA Kits 2-6 Subscription947Level Two Master Builder Academy Minifigure (Kit 4)$69.992011
3and25001270MBA Kits 2-3  2012
4and65001273MBA Kits 4-6  2012
60180316018031Master Builder Academy: Kits 7-9 Subscription632Level Three Master Builder Academy Minifigure (Kit 7)$59.991 May 2012


The Kits[]


Kit 1

  • Kit 1: Space Designer:
  • Space Fighter
  • Rocket
  • Helicraft
  • Space Pod (Exclusive alternate model[1])


Kit 2

  • Kit 2: Microbuild Designer:
  • Airport
  • Race Track
  • Shuttle Launch


Kit 3

  • Kit 3: Robot Designer:
  • X-91-B
  • Robo-Walker
  • Plasma Mech


Kit 4

  • Kit 4: Flight Designer:
  • Biplane
  • Glider
  • Jet Plane
  • The Spark (Exclusive alternate model[2])


Kit 5

  • Kit 5: Creature Designer:
  • Tyrax
  • Spacewhale
  • Fighter Ant
  • Sticker (Exclusive alternate model[3])


Kit 6

  • Kit 6: Auto Designer:
  • Hot Rod
  • F-1 Racer
  • Dragster
  • Tow Truck (Exclusive alternate model)

6018031 alt1

Kit 7

  • Kit 7: The Lost Village:

6018031 alt2

Kit 8

  • Kit 8: The Forbidden Bridge:

6018031 alt3

Kit 9

  • Kit 9: The Dark Lair:

MBA kit 10

Kit 10

  • Kit 10: Time Machine:

MBA kit 11

Kit 11

  • Kit 11: World Architecture:

MBA kit 12

Kit 12

  • Kit 12: Inventor's Lab:


On the MBA website, there are pictures of M.O.C.s (My Own Creation) made by original Master Builders or LEGO fans.


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