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LEGO Ninjago Magazine

The LEGO Ninjago Magazine is a Ninjago magazine.

Issue Comics

In addition to activity pages and advertisements, each magazine typically includes an exclusive comic, broken up into several sections throughout the magazine. Several of these comics were later compiled in the books Tournament of Elements, Ghost Ninja, and From Ghosts to Pirates.

Training Day

Issue #1 comic, set during the Tournament of Elements arc. Sensei Garmadon is eating with the Ninja when Master Chen summons him, with Garmadon warning his students before departing with Clouse. Upon arriving to see Chen, Garmadon is trapped in a cage, but expresses his confidence that Chen will not be able to separate the Ninja. Chen then informs the Ninja that he has set up a "training exercise", in which they must locate Garmadon within an allotted time or his cage will be dropped into the ocean. In order to find him, they must travel through the island's jungle, and they will be pitted against Karlof, Gravis, and a "surprise opponent". Cole and Jay propose splitting up, but Lloyd and Kai are adamant that the group should stay together.

Karlof pursues the group out of Chen's palace and into an underground tunnel, where a massive boulder begins rolling after them. Kai attempts to block both threats, but Karlof smashes through the rocks he brings down. However, Kai is able to solve the problem by throwing Karlof at the boulder, stopping both. The Ninja continue down the tunnel, where they find Skylor stuck to a massive web. Kai insists upon helping her over the others' protests, only to get stuck himself, forcing Jay to vaporize the web to free them both. Skylor then departs, throwing a switch that unleashes a torrent of water, sweeping the Ninja away in its path.

As the refilled river washes them out to see, the Ninja spot Garmadon's cage hanging from a crane on a nearby clifftop. Cole manages to climb out of the river with a vine, and then uses his power to launch the others into the air to join him. As they are attempting to free Garmadon, Gravis attacks a disoriented Lloyd, but Lloyd is able to throw him off. However, the Garmadon in the cage proves to be nothing but a hologram, leaving the Ninja still racing the clock to find and save their Sensei.


  • Skylor was referred to as "Sam" in this comic when it was printed in the magazine.

The Cave of the Anacondrai

Issue #2 comic, set during the Tournament of Elements arc. Following up from the previous issue, the Ninja are on a clifftop trying to determine how they are to find the missing Garmadon. Suddenly, a line of electrified posts emerges from the ground, seemingly giving the Ninja a path into the jungle. The group follows it but become lost, and are then attacked by a snake, though Kai swiftly deals with the reptile. As they move ahead, Lloyd runs into a thorned plant and loses consciousness.

Lloyd awakens some time later to find Nya with the other Ninja, much to his confusion. The group continues through the jungle, and comes to a large stone gate marked with Anacondrai symbols. Against Lloyd's urging, the others seemingly act to open the gate, and Krait emerges to confront them. Lloyd soon overpowers him, but the others are baffled when he questions how they opened the gate, indicating that they had nothing to do with it. After trying to close the gate themselves, they proceed inside, only to find a number of Anacondrai Cultists encased in crystal.

To Lloyd's horror, his friends, apparently under some evil influence, free the warriors. When the Ninja attempt to use their Elemental powers against them, the blasts strike Nya instead, causing her to grow into a massive cultist who prepares to crush them. Lloyd then awakens for real, revealing that the whole experience was a dream, possibly a vague vision of their future caused by the plant's juices. Undaunted, Lloyd becomes even more determined to stop Master Chen.

The River to Ruin

Issue #3 comic, set during the Tournament of Elements arc. The Ninja continue through the jungle and come to a rope bridge over a river, only to be attacked by Griffin Turner on Master Chen's instructions. Lloyd and Cole briefly subdue him, but he recovers as they are crossing the rope bridge and cuts the ropes to leave them dangling over the river. Falling into crocodile-infested water, the Ninja swim away as fast as they can, only to go over a waterfall. Just when they think they're safe, a giant Fangfish leaps out of the water and grabs Cole in its mouth.

The other Ninja search frantically for Cole, only to get caught in a vortex caused by his efforts to free himself from the Fangfish. Cole then leads the group into an underwater tunnel entrance, and they soon find their way into a tunnel where they can walk. Unfortunately, the tunnel network proves to be home to a giant Anacondrai Serpent, and the Ninja flee it only to come across a skeleton. Finding a drill in the hand of the late explorer, Cole uses it to tunnel through the wall, unleashing a torrent of water that sweeps them away.

The Ninja are washed into Chen's palace arena, where Chen and Garmadon seemingly appear and present them with a congratulatory feast. However, it proves to be yet another trap, with Elemental Master Ash and a pack of rats attacking the Ninja. The Ninja manage to blow away the smoke and drive off the rats with Spinjitzu before taking down Ash. Chen congratulates them, but then unleashes a herd of unnaturally corrupted yaks into the arena. Even more surprising, the Ninja see what appears to be Zane entering the arena as well.

As the Ninja fight the evil beasts, Bolobo joins the battle by growing fines to trap their feet, but Lloyd is able to rescue his friends before subduing the Elemental Master. When the Ninja turn their attention to Zane, Bolobo flees, only for Zane to start attacking them.

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The Nastiest of the Nasty!

Issue #4 comic, set after the events of the Tournament of Elements. Kryptarium Prison is virtually empty due to the final battle with the Anacondrai Cultists, with only a handful of particularly dangerous criminals remaining incarcerated. Unfortunately, Captain Soto is able to break out of his cell and liberate his remaining fellow inmates, who soon escape the prison despite running into parties of repairmen and guards led by Warden Noble. The fugitives scatter, with Frakjaw and Bonezai swiftly being intercepted and defeated by the Ninja. While Zane and Cole return the two to Kryptarium, the others set off in search of the other escapees.

Stopping to eat at Chen's Noodles, the trio run across Soto and No Eyed Pete, whom they soon overpower. Unfortunately, when Skylor appears to question the uproar in her restaurant, the pirates take advantage of Kai's distraction and escape. Cole and Zane then arrive with news that a Giant Stone Warrior and several Nindroids have joined forces, while Soto and Pete have unwittingly locked themselves in the back on one of Skylor's delivery trucks. As she leaves to take them back to Kryptarium, the Ninja head out after the remaining escapees, and locate them at the Corridor of Elders seeking to hijack the abandoned Condrai Copter.

Cole intercepts them using the Boulder Blaster, crashing into the enemy aircraft and forcing it towards Kryptarium. Desperate to prevent their escape, Cole blows up one of his missiles to bring both craft crashing down, though both he and the Stone Warrior survive. Working together, the Ninja use their powers to drive the Stone Warrior back into the prison and eventually knock him out. They then carry him back to his cell, and are thanked by Warden Noble, who wonders if they would be willing to stick around to help out.


  • The Giant Stone Warrior is mistakenly identified as General Kozu, and though two Nindroid Warriors are specified in the beginning of the story, several more appear later on.

Ninja in Dreamland

Issue #5 comic, set during the events of Possession. The Ninja-including Nya as the Ninja of Water-are returning from a mission when they spot Lloyd, currently possessed by Morro, fleeing through a nearby portal. They pursue him only to find themselves in a strange forest, where they encounter citizens of Ninjago who are behaving strangely. As they question whether Morro has trapped them in some kind of illusion, they are attacked by several Ghost Warriors, and then find themselves plummeting through a strange vortex. The villagers fall asleep, and Nya follows them into unconsciousness, much to the alarm of her teammates.

Using Airjitzu, the group manages to escape the vortex, but when Nya opens her eyes they are green, a sign that she has been possessed. She begins attacking the others, and only after a brief battle is Bansha driven from her body. Bansha summons her fellow Ghost Warriors to join in the attack, but Nya recovers and is able to defeat them using her water powers. Unfortunately, she also knocks out her friends, and is left so weak that Bansha is able to carry her away as a captive. Ghoultar prevents the other Ninja from stopping her, and they are forced to pursue the ghosts into Ninjago City.

After nearly being run over by a truck, the Ninja come across a strangely behaving painter, whose artwork turns into a portrait of Nya and a map to her apparent location. Following the clues to a chocolate factory, the group enters it only to be attacked by more Ghost Warriors. Bansha appears, threatening Nya with her blade unless the other Ninja enter a cage, but Zane throws his Aeroblade in an attempt to disarm her. The ploy works, but in the ensuing battle the Ghosts manage to force the Ninja-except Zane and Nya-into the cage anyway. Bansha corners the pair, but they are able to save themselves and their friends by bringing down a water tower on the roof, which floods the factory and banishes the well as washing the Ninja out into the street.

Mirror, Mirror

Issue #6 comic, set during the events of Possession. A husband and wife find themselves plagued by paranormal activity, and the wife flees the house at her husband's urging. Pursued by Skreemers, she flees to Steep Wisdom, where Kai and Jay save her before bringing her to Master Wu. Having heard her story, Wu dispatches the Ninja to her home village to investigate, and Cole and Zane join them. After dealing with a patch of possessed trees, the four arrive in town to learn that a man has disappeared.

Entering the missing man's home, the Ninja discover that he is trapped within a mirror, and soon determine that the Ghost Warriors have possessed various mirrors throughout the village and imprisoned its denizens within them. Zane prevents Kai from smashing the mirror, fearing it could trap its victim forever rather than releasing him. Cole, having recently become a ghost himself, enters the mirror to free the man, only for a Ghost Warrior to emerge from inside the victim to confront him. Cole dispatches his foe and frees the trapped man, and Zane then hits upon a solution to the possessed mirrors: dousing them with water.

The Ghost Warriors, having been thwarted, attack the Ninja en masse in an attempt to fulfill Morro's orders for them to buy him time. However, taking advantage of a nearby dock, the Ninja spray water over their adversaries to banish them. The villagers, having freed their friends and family with water on the advice of the Ninja, appear to thank them for their help. Jay then complains to the others about a crack they made earlier about his staring into a mirror.

Screaming Fun at the Amusement Park

Issue #7 comic, takes place prior to Curseworld, Part I. In Stiix, Morro is celebrating his recovery of the Realm Crystal, but is determined to keep the Ninja distracted while he finishes preparations to bring the Preeminent to Ninjago. He thus tasks Ghoultar with leading several Ghosts to an abandoned amusement park and luring the Ninja there. Ghoultar's forces succeed, despite their bad acting, and the Ninja follow them into the park before making the mistake of splitting up. Jay heads to the arcade, Zane boards the ferris wheel, Cole enters a ghost train, and Kai hops onto a flying ride, only for all four to be haunted by Morro's minions.

Though daunted, the Ninja put their Spinjitzu and Airjitzu skills to work and soon overpower their attackers, with Kai capturing Ghoultar while the other ghosts flee. From him, they learn that Morro is in Stiix, and prepare to confront him, unaware that Ghoultar's efforts have given Morro the time he needed...

The Grand Finale!

Issue #8 comic, serving as an abbreviated adaptation of Curseworld, Part II.

The B-Team

Issue #18 comic, set during Skybound.

The Oncoming Storm

Issue #20 comic, occurring around the time of Day of the Departed.

The Clean-up

Issue #22 comic, set during Hands of Time.

Powered Up

Issue #23 comic, occurring during Hands of Time.

Mission to Reboot

Issue #24 comic, takes place during Hands of Time.

Vermillion Battle!

Issue #25 comic, set during Hands of Time.

It's Raining Snakes!

Issue #26 comic, takes place during Hands of Time.


  • The concert where Blunck and Raggmunk emerge from the sewers features a band singing the title lyrics of "Born to Be Wild" by Steppenwolf.

Slow Motion!

Issue #27 comic, set during Hands of Time.

Samurai X II

Issue #28 comic, occurring during Hands of Time.

Into the Tunnels

Issue #29 comic, takes place during Hands of Time.

Turbo Test

Special Edition Issue comic, based on The LEGO Ninjago Movie.

Raiders of the Lost Trophy

Issue #30 comic, set during Hands of Time.


Battle against Snakes

Issue #31 comic, occurring during Lost in Time.

Underwater Rock 'n' Roll

Issue #32 comic, takes place after Lost in Time.


Night Patrol

Issue #33 comic, set during the Sons of Garmadon arc.

Construction Fight!

Issue #34 comic, occurring during Sons of Garmadon.

A Night Out!

Issue #35 comic, takes place during Sons of Garmadon.

Babysitting the Hard Way!

Issue #36 comic, set during Sons of Garmadon.

Brawl in the Jungle!

Issue #37 comic, occurring during Sons of Garmadon.

Rock Bottom!

Issue #38 comic, takes place after Big Trouble, Little Ninjago.

Have a Nice Flight!

Issue #39 comic, set during the Hunted arc.

Ninja Chasers

Issue #40 comic, occurring during Hunted.

Out 'n' In

Issue #41 comic, takes place during Hunted.

Save or be Saved

Issue #42 comic, set during Hunted.

Yin and Yang!

Issue #58 comic, takes place during Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu.

Get That Truck!

Issue #59 comic, takes place during Prime Empire.

Game for a Game!

Issue #60 comic, takes place during Prime Empire.

The Easter Egg

Issue #61 comic, takes place during Prime Empire.

More Games

Issue #62 comic, takes place during Prime Empire.

Daring Driving Lesson

Issue #63 comic, takes place during Prime Empire.

A Question of Technique

Issue #64 comic, takes place during "Game Over". Wu, Zane, P.I.X.A.L., and Milton Dyer make their way through Ninjago City as Unagami's forces invade the city. The group also aids civilians, dealing with attacking Red Visors while the Cyber and Empire Dragons battle overhead. In the process, they encounter the Police Commissioner and Rufus McCallister, the latter of whom suggests using magnets against the digital beings. The strategy proves somewhat effective, but the sheer number of enemies prompts Wu to enter the fray using Spinjitzu. With the threat averted, the group heads to Borg Tower and a final showdown with Unagami...


  • Wu is in his Ninjago: Legacy outfit, rather than his 2019 outfit used in the actual episode.

Sightseeing Tour

Issue #65 comic, occurs during the episode "Into the Dark". Vania and Hailmar give Wu and the Ninja a tour of Shintaro, and board the newly repaired Destiny's Bounty to give them a view from the air. Unfortunately, the sightseeing is interrupted by attacking dire bats. The Ninja don Sky Folk mechanical wings to aid Hailmar and his guards in fighting off the bats, though Jay initially struggles with his. The Ninja finish the fight by turning their elemental powers against the dire bats, much to the excited delight of Vania, though Wu fears his students have become overconfident.


  • Wu and the Ninja all appear in their "Hero" variants, and Vania's design is accurate to her minifigure as released in 71722 Skull Sorcerer's Dungeons. This contrasts with the animated series, in which the appearances of the Ninja and Vania did not change until several episodes into the season. The Destiny's Bounty is also depicted with its design from The Lego NINJAGO Movie, rather than the Legacy design used for the series.

Hail or Fail, Prince Jay!

Issue #66 comic, set during Master of the Mountain. Nya, Jay, and Lloyd are with the Munce, Nya having assumed leadership of the subterranean tribe. Jay discovers that the Munce consider him a prince due to his relationship with Nya, and is outfitted with ceremonial armor. However, his position quickly proves to be undesirable as he is made to endure grueling combat-related rituals. The ceremony is interrupted partway through, however, as a force of Awakened Warriors breaks into the cavern. Jay, his friends, and the Munce quickly jump into battle, and Jay discovers that the fighting techniques the Munce have been teaching him are actually quite effective. After a pitched battle, they successfully drive the Awakened Warriors into a pool of Lava.

Order Must Prevail!

Issue #67 comic, takes place after Trial By Mino. Kai and Zane seek to learn more about the Skull Sorcerer by questioning the Geckles. However, Kai's new position as chancellor unfortunately is no help against the many intricate layers of Geckle bureaucracy. After going through the arduous process of getting the proper paperwork filled out, the pair must fill four and a half barrels with blue moss milk, which requires them to deal with a Magma Monster. That done, they finally get a question answered...only to learn that further information will require yet more paperwork.

Mother Earth

Issue #68 comic, set just prior to the Master of the Mountain arc. P.I.X.A.L. and Misako are working on the Destiny's Bounty, and P.I.X.A.L. takes a break after installing the new video game console. She enjoys a quick round of Prime Empire, playing as Digi Zane, before being interrupted and reprimanded by Misako. Getting back to work, P.I.X.A.L. discovers a photo of a young Wu and an unknown young woman, whom Misako recognizes as Lilly.

As P.I.X.A.L. is unfamiliar with the previous Elemental Master, Misako details her history. Lilly was a student of Wu's, who performed such brave feats as entering the Underworld to spy on Garmadon and Samukai as they schemed to kidnap Dr. Julien. She also defeated a rogue group of Serpentine, before traveling to Shintaro and facing the evil Grief-Bringer, an adventure from which she returned without her Blades of Deliverance.

Through the Mountains

Issue #70 comic, set during during Master of the Mountain.

City Tour

Issue #72 comic, occurs prior to The Island.

Sail Ahoy!

Issue #73 comic, set before The Island.

Jungle Life

Issue #74 comic, occurs early during the events of The Island. Wu and Misako accompany Clutch Powers' expedition in exploring the Island of the Keepers, and encounter a playful dragon. The group eventually comes across a massive wooden gate, only to find it guarded by a Stone Golem. As they battle the beast, it separates into three parts, and Wu manages to collapse a wall on it. However, the victory is short-lived, as the Keepers appear to surround the unwary explorers...


  • Wu is once again depicted in his Legacy robes, rather than his 2019 robes.

Explorers at Sea

Issue #75 comic, takes place during The Island.

Motors vs. Dragons

Issue #76 comic, set during The Island.

Jungle School

Issue #78 comic, occurs during The Island.

Shore Chaos

Issue #79 comic, set during Seabound.

Like Son, Like Father

Issue #80 comic, takes place during Seabound. Kai and Ray compete in a game of Lava Zombies, before heading into Ninjago City where they visit the museum and later the skate park. Ray later takes Kai to a ballroom dancing class, while Kai brings his father to a rock concert. The pair then decided to take part in a karate tournament hosted by Dareth, and find themselves pitted against members of the Skulkin, Sky Pirates, Sons of Garmadon, and Dragon Hunters. After overcoming those villains, the pair are set upon by the henchmen of Miss Demeanor, but swiftly prove too much for her thugs.


20,000 Leagues under Ninjago

Issue #81 comic, occurs during Seabound. As the Hydro Bounty travels through the deep, one of the Wu-Bots shares with the crew an account of the Keepers, Wojira, and Nyad. The robot also explains that sea life in the area of the Tartarus Trench has become large and aggressive,, just before they are attacked by a monstrous crab. Lloyd and Jay confront the beast in APS suits, but an attempt by Jay to grapple with it leaves him in trouble. Fortunately, the pair are able to prompt the crab oo release him, and the group flees only to run into giant jellyfish. The Ninja manage to get past these creatures as well, and make their way deeper into the sea...


  • Nyad is inexplicably referred to as both male and a member of the Keepers, despite being a female Merlopian in the series.

Into the Belly of the Whale

Issue #82 comic, takes place during Seabound.

4 Feet High and Rising

Issue #83 comic, takes place during "Escape from Merlopia".

Here Comes the Flood!

Issue #84 comic, set during Seabound.

The Sea Beast

Issue #85 comic, set after Seabound.


  • It was revealed that it's unclear if Wojira actually died or not after Nya destroyed the Wave Amulet.

Tentacles Below

Issue #86 comic, set after Seabound. Lloyd returns to the Monastery of Spinjitzu in a new car to apprise Wu and Misako of rebuilding efforts in Ninjago City. The group are interrupted by Pixal, who informs them that a Leviathan is causing trouble for the Ninjago City Police. He and the other Ninja come to their aid, and after rescuing the police decide to venture into the sewers in search of the creature. As it turns out, the Leviathan they drove off is a juvenile that was carried into the sewers by Wojira's flood and left trapped there after it receded.

Lloyd bemoans Nya's absence, as her water powers could easily carry the Leviathan back out to sea. He questions whether Cole's earth powers could accomplish the task, but Cole quickly points out that his power would block the sewers and cause even more trouble. The idea is then hit upon for Zane and Kai to combine their powers to wash the Leviathan in the direction of the sea. This plan works, but the Ninja and their aquatic charge eventually arrive at an exit that they will have to travel up to reach. Unfortunately, Zane and Kai's water-generating method isn't precise enough for this task.

Fortunately, help unexpectedly arrives in the form of the Leviathan's parent, which happens to be the same Leviathan Zane freed from chains quite some time ago. The creature lifts its child and the Ninja out of the hole, and they find themselves on the lighthouse island where they first met the sea beast. As the reunited family departs, the Ninja head up the steps to contact Pixal for rescue. However, Lloyd, after a series of mistakes made during the mission, wonders to himself whether he is still fit to lead the Ninja team...

Return to Merlopia

Issue #87 comic, taking place after Seabound. Glutinous comes to the Monastery of Spinjitzu looking for help. Kalmaar's Maaray Guards, led by Gripe, have taken control of the city of Merlopia. With Benthomaar out searching for information about Nya, it falls to the remaining Ninja to travel to the city and confront the villains.

Ultimately, Kai uses his Spinjitzu to overcome Gripe's minions and defenses, though Glutinous worries that he will destroy the throne room and, with it, the whole city. Kai avoids this and captures Gripe, though Cole takes him to task for his recklessness. Glutinous, taking charge in Bentho's absence, promises to exile Gripe and watch over Merlopia until the rightful ruler returns.

Great Droids Think Alike

Issue #88 comic, taking place after Seabound. Cole reflects on how each of the Ninja have been reacting to Nya's ongoing absence, while Zane and Pixal take a new mech out for a test run. However, they are then attacked by Gripe and his remaining Maaray Guards, who intended to seize the mech so they can produce their own. In the course of the battle, Zane's body becomes dislodged from the cockpit of the mech. Due to being plugged into the mech at the time, Zane's consciousness remains inside the vehicle, and the villains escape with the Nindroid's body.

Determined to recover Zane's body, Pixal works on the mech and gets Zane up and walking and joins in chasing after the villains in the Shuricopter. After failing to penetrate their vehicle, Zane experiences a brief crisis, but Pixal gets him back on task. Upgrading the mech yet again with one of the Shuricopter's rotor blades, the pair launch another attack. They succeed in disabling the Maaray vehicle and recovering Zane's body, which Pixal returns Zane to as Gripe and his minions make their escape.

Bad Water

Issue #89 comic, taking place prior to Crystalized.

Issue Gifts

Each issue comes with at least one foil bag containing a minifigure or small set; some issues come with two, the second one being a random figure released with a previous issue.

Normal Issues

Ninjago: Legacy