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LEGO Racers 2
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Single player, multiplayer (2 players)


PC, PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance


LEGO Racers 2 is the sequel to LEGO Racers, released for PC, PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance in 2001. The PC version was re-released in 2007.

The PC and PlayStation 2 versions of the game were developed by Attention to Detail, who also created Rocket Racers, an arcade style game based on LEGO Racers that had opened at LEGOLAND Windsor in 2000. The Game Boy Advance version was created by Pocket Studios.


In this game, the player has more freedom, as well as more characters to talk to. This video game is an open world racing game. There are five worlds, starting with Sandy Bay, Dino Island, Mars, Arctic, and finally the racing planet Xalax. Power-up is also used in this game. However, the way it works is different from the original. Players race around tracks passing through checkpoints in a correct order but they need to pass through checkpoints exactly. Passing around a checkpoint does not count.


The four racers from Sandy Bay are Workman Fred, Mike the Postman, Fireman Gavin, and P.C. Bobby. On Dino Island, Mars, and Arctic, there is a set of opponents you race on the four main levels of each world: Johnny Thunder, Pippin Reed, Mr. Cunningham, Cassiopeia, Mac, Frankie Solido, and Baron Rosso. On Xalax, the racers are Ramas Lightor, Warrior, Duster, Ghost, Freeze, Chill, and Snake. There are also four Bosses, one for each world, excluding Sandy Bay: Lord Sam Sinister (simply called Sam Sanister), Riegel, The Berg, and Rocket Racer.


There are five levels or worlds in LEGO Racers 2, each based on a particular theme. In addition to racing cars in the Racers product line, each theme is based on an actual series LEGO sets, and includes parts of those sets.

  • Sandy Bay: Based on Town sets. It is an island that has a town, construction site, and several beaches as well as a mountain in the center.
  • Dino Island: The next LEGO world you visit is based on the Adventurers sets. It is also an island featuring two rivers, a plateau with a volcano, a jungle, a tribal village, ancient ruins, and a few beaches. It constantly rains here, except when racing at certain tracks. There are LEGO dinosaurs running which doesn't hurt you (although they can push you, which is a setback during races) and always run the same path.
  • Mars: The third LEGO world is based on the Life on Mars sets. It is a series of valleys in between tall cliff-like mountains. It features a martian mine, martian base, abandoned martian base, crashed space shuttle (which you arrive in according to the mini-movie), and two caves as well as two lava rivers. If you get enough speed in free roam mode, you can get on top of the mountains, but you will re-spawn if you get too close to the edge of the platform. Shortcut: the waterfall.
  • Arctic: Based on the Arctic sets. It is again an island, with a mountain that you may go inside of, an ice-locked freighter, an ice maze, an iced over lake with several large holes in it, and several bases. It constantly snows here, depending on the track you race through.
  • Xalax: The characters could be purchased from the "LEGO Racers" line, but the world does not resemble any particular sets. This world is a dome full of cheering fans and features a volcano in the middle of a lava lake, a jump, a loop, and a tunnel which you may drive upside-down in. Xalax is unique in that for each race the landscape changes. The racers are the Ramas Lightor, Warrior, Shred, Ghost, Freeze, Chill, Snake. Shortcut: go around the loop instead of on it, then back into the checkpoint.


The Adventure mode is the main game in LEGO Racers 2. It’s here where players drive through the LEGO worlds in their quest to challenge Rocket Racer on Xalax. By winning races in Adventure mode, they will unlock tracks to play in other modes. Players will first be given the choice of starting a new game or continuing one that they saved earlier. If they start a new game, they will be asked to type in their name, and asked to design a driver and build or select a car or before starting. Each time players win the race (excluding boss race), they receive a gold brick. They can explore around the world anytime the player wants, after unlocking the world. After winning all the racers in Sandy Bay and after getting certain amount of gold bricks, players can travel to any Lego Worlds around without even defeating boss race, excluding Xalax in which players need certain requirement.

Unlike Sandy Bay, there are foyers and have 5 tracks total for each worlds. Four of them are normal races (where the player races against 7 other racers) and one of them is a boss race. The player can race on these tracks in any order, except the boss race which can only be raced after defeating all 4 normal races in 1st place. Anytime the player wants to travel back to Sandy Bay and/or wants to travel to some place else, they can just go through the Sandy Bay Foyer. Players can ask Sparky to save the game anytime they want or explore the world and collect gold bricks or secret vortex (where in Sandy Bay, players explore all the time).


"After he was beaten in the first LEGO‚ Racers game, Rocket Racer was heart-broken - he thought his racing days were over. Then, one day, while trudging sadly through Sandy Bay, he came across an advertisement for the planet Xalax, home of the race-crazy aliens, the Ramas. “Wow”, he said to himself, “a whole planet of racers – sounds like my kind of place!” He found the intergalactic portal, and he so impressed the Ramas with his driving talents, he earned their respect and friendship. His skills improved, and his confidence returned – he even built a better car and picked out some cool new clothes! Now, Rocket Racer has issued a fresh challenge to the LEGO worlds – come to Xalax and race against him and his alien friends to become Galactic Racing Champion! You live in Sandy Bay, and when you hear of the challenge, you decide to try and make it to the Championship. But there are four other local inhabitants who would like to go to Xalax to represent the town, so you’ll need to beat them first. Then, you must travel to three more LEGO worlds, to improve your skills and to win new parts for your car that together will help you beat Rocket Racer."[1]

Builder Option

After the player types the name, the player then builds their character then a car. Unlike from the Original Game, the player needs to build or choose 5 cars total, one for each world before first entering.

Sandy Bay

You start from this world. A character named Sparky assists you and lets you explore, with the tips on playing the game, not just from this world but also at other worlds. Workman Fred, Mike the Postman, Fireman Gavin, and P.C. Bobby are the challengers of this world. Each character not only has its own car and a gold brick to give you, but also has their own track to race on with you. First, Fred challenges you on "Dig-A-Brick" track, next Mike gives you a challenge on "Express Delivery", after that it is "Hot Stuff" from Gavin, and finally Bobby on "Bobby's Beat". After beating everyone in Sandy Bay, you will be able to travel to the other LEGO worlds by using Jump Points. You use the direction arrow to find them. Golden bricks can be found at the beach, at the top of the mountain, and on a ledge by the west beach.

Dino Island

After beating everyone on Sandy Bay, you can travel to Dino Island. The boss here is Sam Sanister, who drops treacherous oil slicks behind his car to try and slow you down, and also uses power-ups to attack you. His car is fast, having an engine increasing his power. When you beat him, he will give you the engine that powers and increases the speed of your car. Golden bricks can be found by the plateau, the mountain, and the serpent's mouth.


You need 7 gold bricks to travel to Mars. The boss of this race is Riegel, the head Martian. Unlike all of the other racers, he drives his Giant Mech. Also his Mech has a shield and cannot be hurt by the power-ups nor he cannot pick up and use the power-ups. After you beat Riegel, you are rewarded with Martian shield generator to make your car tougher. Golden bricks can be found in the maze, the waterfall (also a shortcut), and Riegel's tribute.


9 gold bricks are required to enter. The boss of this race is The Berg, a large ice-monster. Unlike all the other racers, he does not drive a car. He runs leaving giant ice stalagmites behind him and gets a head start. He cannot be hurt by the power-ups and cannot pick up the power-ups. Once you beat him, he’ll give you super-grip wheels. Golden bricks can be found in the plane, the doctor's base, and on the trapped boat.


You need to beat all the other bosses in order to go to this world. Rocket Racer, the boss of this world, is waiting for you to race. He has all of the upgrades that you earned from each world boss. After Rocket Racer is defeated, he will happily hand over the trophy, as the title of the greatest racer in the galaxy. Golden bricks can be found near the tunnel, near the mountain by the loop, and by a Rampage.


Upgrades can be obtained by winning bonus games. There are total of 10 upgrades that you can achieve, 2 from each world. They are not required, but they are helpful.

There are three categories of upgrades available.

Grip: improves how well your car turns and how much your car slides

Power: controls how fast your car goes and how much climbing power your car has

Shield: controls how much damage your car can take before disappearing


  • After selecting the track that the player has unlocked, the player writes the name then chooses the pre-built character then the car. In the 2 Player mode, player 1 chooses first, then player 2.
  • Players can choose the number of laps unlike from the Adventure mode.
  • Just as from Adventure mode, players race each other by passing through check points in a correct order. The direction arrow at the top screen gives the player the direction to the next checkpoint.
  • When the driver looses all the bricks, the driver needs to run on feet. Pit is the place where the driver needs to repair the car and/or get the car back.
  • Unlike from the Adventure mode, there are no upgrades or gold bricks or hidden portals (vortex) to search. The only things that are present from Adventure mode are brick boost and power-ups.
  • Brick Boost helps the player's car move faster, just like turbo boost from Lego Racers, except players have to hold down the Brick Boost button and they gain it one by one whenever they lose a brick. The more the brick boost is, the stronger and faster it is.

Time Attack

Just like from the original Lego Racers game, the player records the best record lap for each track. However unlike from the original, the player does not compete against anyone but themselves. Once the player finishes the lap, the ghost appears and unlike from the original, that is the player's ghost having the best record of the lap. The player just keeps on repeating from then on until the player decides to stop.

Bonus Games

Every bonus game from each world contains easy and hard level difficulty. Except Sandy Bay, the object of this game is to collect certain items by driving into them and bring it back to the destination while avoiding vehicles along the way under the time limit. Hitting the vehicle causes the player's car to loose all the item that the player was carrying.

Sandy Bay

Easy: Take 3 passengers in 5 minutes

Hard: Take 5 passengers in 4 minutes

Unlike the rest of the worlds, Sandy Bay has the Taxi level where you need to carry the passengers one by one in a taxi. Doctor Dave will ask you for the task in Adventure mode. You need to talk to the passenger first in order to carry; then you need to drive to the destination that the passenger wants. The destination is marked on a mini map after the passenger tells you where he/she wants to go. Just like the rest of the bonus games, if you get hit by another vehicle, you lose the passenger you were carrying.

Dino Island

Easy: Bring back 6 fuels in 5 minutes and 30 seconds

Hard: Bring back 8 fuels in 4 minutes and 30 seconds

In Adventure mode, Johnny Thunder and Pippin needs help fueling the vehicles. You need to pick up and bring back certain number of barrels of fuel.


Easy: Finish in 5 minutes

Hard: Finish in 4 minutes

Doc gives you a task to bring power crystals to power up the space shuttle. You need to collect all of the (10) crystals.


Easy: Collect balloons in 6 minutes

Hard: Collect balloons in 5 minutes

In Adventure mode, Doc (the other Doc) asks you to bring back weather balloons. You need to bring back 8 balloons. However, if you try to carry 5 balloons, then you will float away even if you were driving a heavy vehicle, where you need to drop all of the balloons to stop floating away before continuing. You will automatically being dropped all of the balloons while trying to carry 5 after a few seconds.


Easy: Get 8 drones in 4 minutes

Hard: Get 10 drones in 3 minutes

One of the racers named Warrior, gives you training exercise. You need to collect certain amount of drones. Unlike every other bonus games, the drones move around in circles.


Like in the original, Lego Racers 2 also lets you build drivers and cars but with different concepts. LEGO Racers 2 has more bricks but fewer characters to make. However, while in theory this means that more individual racer possibilities exist, the number of "widely used" parts is much lower, and only a few possibilities that exist are commonly used. This also follows over to cars. Additionally, you cannot change your player at any time during adventure mode, further limiting options. You can build more than just one car. In adventure mode however, you can only build one car for each world.

Character Builder

Unlike from the original, players create their player in a specific order. They first choose head, then hat, chest, and finally legs.

Car Builder

LEGO Racers 2 also includes many different vehicles that aren't specifically cars, such as trucks, cars with tank-like treads, hover cars, and snow vehicles with skis, as well as a "sail" snow vehicle that you cannot build with the displayed pieces.

Also unlike in the original game, you have a limited number of bricks that you can place. You can only place up to 20 bricks, one for the car chassis (aka car plate). You must at least place one brick on a chassis in order to save and/or store your car.


Power-ups are various types of weapons that can be used while racing. You obtain a power-up by driving over a white, spinning, glowing LEGO brick. A counter appears that cycles through all of the power-ups; the one it lands on is the one you get. You can press the power-up button to stop the counter if you see one that you want. It takes a quick hand, however. Otherwise, the counter will automatically give you a bonus based on your position in the race. Those in last place will receive the best power-ups. Unlike from LEGO Racers, there are no power-enhancing bricks for a power-up. When you get hit by one of the power-ups, LEGO bricks fly off the cars. Losing all the bricks forces you to continue on foot, in LEGO minifigure form. You has to walk to the nearest pit stop to get your car back in that case.

Disk power-up fires a flying disc in front of your car. The disc will bounce off any object it hits, except cars or once it runs out of power, in which case it explodes. You can get another power-up once fired. It is very powerful, like the drill it eliminates around half of the bricks on your opponents car, but is very hard to use.

Symbol: A disk with blades.

Advanced use: If you press the power-up button, while pushing the look back button, you can fire the disc backwards; which can be useful if you are being chased by a Missile, as the Disk can destroy the Missile, or if you need to fire someone behind you.

Explosion power-up creates a bubble of expanding energy around and behind your car. When the energy expands to a certain point, it explodes, harming every racer in the vicinity of the bubble except for you.

Symbol: A storm cloud

Advanced use: You can charge the shot by holding down the fire button (note that if you keep charging and don't drop it as follows, it WILL damage your own vehicle). If the fire button is held and then released at a certain time, the bubble will fall behind the car and explode as described above. If a car runs into a dropped bubble, it will suffer more damage than normal. Damage is variable with this power-up, dependent on how deep you drive into the bubble.

Missile power-up fires a homing missile that you may lock on to any racer. The same with the disc, you can pick up another power-up once fired and tracks. Occasionally it will explode (by hitting something) before or once it reaches target. It is easier to cause damage with it, than the drill or disc, but it does less damage - around a third of bricks.

Symbol: A bloodhound

Advanced use: You can also select the target using Next Homing Missile Target & Previous Homing Missile Target buttons. That way, you can target any car in the game.

Drill power-up fires a drill missile in front of your car, eliminating around 50% of the opponents bricks that are hit. The drill behaves like a torpedo. It does not lose any power until it hits the landscape or a wall.

Symbol: A drill

Advanced use: You can also ride on the drill by holding down the power-up button, as a speed-boost. You can also ride on water and lava. However, if you ride on it for too long, it will detonate, causing damage to your car. You do not have a control over the direction of the rocket while holding it.

Stealth power-up makes your car invisible to other racers. Also, it prevents the Tracking Missile power-up from hitting you and you will be able to overtake other players unnoticed. It lasts for around eight seconds.

Symbol: The gray ninja

Advanced use: You can bump into other racers to steal the power-up they have. Not only that, you can see the power-up the other players have over each car.

Whirlwind power-up creates a stationary whirlwind that causes cars to veer away from it, spinning out of control, and will also take some damage. Once you press the power up button, it will drop on the track in a few seconds. It lasts for 5 seconds. You won't be able to pick up any power-ups while this lasts.

Symbol: A twister

Advanced use: If you hold down the power-up button, the whirlwind stays attached to your car. As it grows bigger, it acts as a shield, deflecting anything that tries to hit you. If you keep it attached for too long, you will suffer minor damage.

Destruct-a-brick power-up creates a force that first turns the screen yellow for half a second, and then takes 3 layers of bricks off every single car (except for yours) for six seconds. It is very rare, and is the most powerful power-up in the game. Because it is the most powerful power-up, it does not have an advanced use.

Symbol: Flying LEGO bricks



Sandy Bay

  • Dig-A-Brick
  • Express Delivery
  • Hot Stuff
  • Bobby's Beat

Dino Island

  • Tribal Trouble
  • Dino Dodgems
  • Cretaceous Canyon
  • The Lost Race World
  • Sam Sanister's Slammer


  • Red Run
  • Deimos Derby
  • The Phobos Anomaly
  • Contact
  • Riegel's Racketrack


  • Winter Wonderland
  • Ice Canyon
  • Slip Sliding
  • Chill Thrill
  • The Burg's Royal Rumble


  • Wheeled Warriors
  • Smash 'N' Bash
  • Vertigo
  • Beyond the dome
  • The Grand Finale


This mode is only available in two-player mode. The object of the game is to knock out the opponent's car with power-ups. Certain power-ups which are Missile and Destruct-a-brick cannot be used but brick boost can be used.

Game Boy Advance

The GBA version features different concepts from the PC and PlayStation 2 versions, while it still shares a lot of things in common.

In story game, while the story line is still the same as from other platforms, there are several differences. First, when building a character, the player chooses its head and chest and legs. There is no option to choose hat. However, the player can choose any parts in any order the player wants and can randomize the parts anyway a player wants, just like from Lego Racers. It does not feature car builder and the player only drive around one car the whole time. The player has an option to go on a test drive on a certain track that Sparky gives first before moving on. The player does not travel through a foyer to race. The player is always exploring, just like in Sandy Bay from other platforms but it is not an open world.

GBA features some different power-ups, compared to other platforms.

There are 19 gold bricks to collect, each from racing for 1st place, except in Xalax. Other than upgrades for car or a trophy, the player also receives the gold brick from each boss once the player defeats them. There are no gold bricks, other than from racing for 1st place.

Riegel does not drive a mech. Instead he drives the flying saucer, so not only Riegel can use and pick up power-ups but the player can also use power-up to attack Riegel.

The Berg does not get a head start and he does not even leave ice stalagmite. Like Riegel, he also can use power-ups and be hurt by power-ups.

Xalax racing is different from other worlds. Instead of receiving gold bricks, the racing system is similar to Circuit Race from Lego Racers. Just like almost all other worlds, there are 5 tracks that the player needs to race through. The player must win all 5 races in order to be the champion. If the player looses at certain point or decide quit, they start back from where they lost or quit. For example, if the player lost on the 3rd race, then the player starts back at the 3rd race and does not go back to the 1st race.

After being a champion, players cannot race again in story game. Players however do have an option to race again either in single player mode or multiplayer mode.

The home town is called Brickton, not Sandy Bay, despite the fact some characters in this system still call it Sandy Bay.

All the tracks from this game are completely different, while still having the same setting. They also have guard rails.

There is no pit for a player to fix the car and the only way to fix the car is to pick up the brick piece, which restores 2 by 2. The car can hold up to 4 hits. The player does not run on feet when it lost its power. However, the car does run slow and is hard to steer. This same feaure is used again in Drome Racers.

Players can unlock the opponents and choose how many opponents and what opponents player wants to face against.

Bonus games are a little different in GBA. They are Cops and Robbers, Collect the Eggs, Tube Racing, and Collect the Meteors.

GBA also has Special games which are Battle Game, Capture the Flag, and also Construction Game.

The Bonus Games "Collect the Eggs" and "Collect the Metoers" are same as Bonus Games in other platforms. However, in these bonus games, the player can only up to 2 eggs or 2 metoers, before the player needs to head back.

Battle Game is similar to other platforms; however, here if the driver gets the certain number of hits, then that driver responds to a certain location and does not get knocked out. The Driver with the most number of hits given to the other driver in 5 minutes is the winner.


You cannot change your Player's Appearance at any time during the Adventure (Story) mode, further limiting options.

League is the game mode only available in 2 player mode and is the mode where players races through a specific track order up to 10 and the player with the most number of wins is the Champion.


The story for LEGO Racers 2 underwent a change part way through development - originally, Baron Rosso was the game's villain: This is a description taken from Glen Watts. Please do not modify it.

There were some changes to the plot from what we originally were going with. In the shipped games story mode you took on a series of bosses to improve your car in order to travel to Xalax to take on Rocket Racer. Our original plot idea had Rocket Racer more as a mentor figure to the player, and the games villain was actually an evil corporate guy whose name I forget. (His model is still in the game, he’s the guy in the red pinstripe suit in the sandy bay levels) I think Lego were keen to keep Rocket as the final goal. Our art team did get permission to change his look at least, they gave him a racing suit based on Evel Knievel.

I think I remember that some of the music tracks were unused pieces from the ‘Lego Island 2’ game, that was developed by one of our sister studios (Silicon dreams) so there was some shared resource work between us.

It is assumed that Frankie Solido was also some sort of antagonist in the earlier version of the story, but details are unknown.


  • In LEGO Racers 2, the player has more freedom than in the first game. In LEGO Racers, you are bound to the track, however in LEGO Racers 2 you are able to go off the track and explore the island or world while you are racing.
  • In the original LEGO Racers, you race against five opponents in general. In LEGO Racers 2, you are racing against seven opponents.
  • Bosses in LEGO Racers 2 are not always a normal character with a kart, like in LEGO Racers. For example, the boss of the Arctic world is "The Berg", who you could see as the Abominable Snowman, who races on foot.
  • LEGO Racers 2 features a comeback from several characters featured in LEGO Racers, like Johnny Thunder, Baron Von Barron (Sam Sinister in LEGO Racers 2) and of course Rocket Racer (but in different uniform).
  • There are only eight different heads, hats, bodies, and pairs of legs to choose from, there are also seven types of car chassis for every world.
  • Even though this is the sequel to LEGO Racers, it is developed by the different company (people from), ATD (also known as "Attention to Detail Limited").
  • After getting all the 35 gold bricks, Sparky will put on a Fireworks display at Sandy Bay.
  • This game marks appearances of several classic LEGO minifigures.
  • Professor Voltage appeared in beta version of LEGO Racers 2, where he acted as a guide to the player. He was also shown in the first Trailer. This role was changed and was given to Sparky in the final game. Despite this, Professor Voltage's model, textures, and icon are still present in the game's assets, and through file modification or memory editing it is possible for the player to play as him. His appearance in LEGO Racers 2 was quite different from his others, with gray hair, altered face and shirt detail, and brown pants.
  • Other characters and certain vehicles cannot be played in general or unlocked even after 100% completion. The only way to play those characters and/or vehicles in a race that are featured in the game is by cheats which were first discovered by a youtuber name kajeuter. This also includes being able to unlock certain cars like Rocket Racer's car, the Rama's car, and Taxi. Others are changing cars and characters in a race and the position the player wants to be at the start of the race.


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  1. From the Lego Racers 2 instruction manual.