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This article is based on a video game that was not released.
Although this article is based on an official subject, its was never officially released or produced.
LEGO Racers CC
LEGO Racers CC
LEGO Theme:

Video Games



Date Released:

Canceled, was planned for Christmas 2004




PlayStation 2, Xbox

LEGO Racers CC (possibly not the full name) was a canceled video game set for release in 2004 for PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

The only known information about it comes from an ad in some August-December 2004 LEGO catalogs (Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, and possibly others). It's likely that "LEGO Racers CC" isn't the full title; there's a large gap in the logo before "CC", where black text may have accidentally blended in with the advertisement's background.

Translated to English, the advertisement reads:

Attribution:  Translation by grappigegovert

Build it ... drive it ... and win!

Race in the car of your dreams. Challenge the best of the best and race on the most unbelievable terrains and tracks.

Experiment with the design of your car and try your changes on the test track. For off-road racing or drawing trails in the asphalt - here you can build the car of your dreams.

Launch: Christmas 2004

Begin with a standard chassis

pump up the tires ...

put a motor in it ...

put some eye blinding headlights on it!

Test and tune on all different track types.

at the start early in the morning ...

in the deceptive twilight ...

and in the dead of night!

The vehicles in the game have a style similar to that seen in the Drome Racers comics and LEGO Racers 4D, with inspiration taken from real LEGO but an overall more realistic aesthetic. Some of the vehicles seem to take elements from the pullback motor Drome Racers sets of 2004, such as 8384 Jungle Crasher, though none of the vehicles in the ad match real sets exactly. For example, some car parts in the car builder screenshots resemble real LEGO pieces, like the engine piece 41862, rollcage piece 47758, and curved slope piece 30602 on the side, all of which were used in 2004 Drome Racers sets in such fashions.

It should be noted that this game is separate from LEGO Racers 4, a game by ATD that was canceled in 2003. It's impossible for ATD to have been involved with LEGO Racers CC as the company closed down entirely in 2003, while this game was developed and set for release in 2004. Additionally, a developer from ATD has affirmed that LEGO Racers CC is "definitely not" the same game as LEGO Racers 4. The developers of LEGO Racers CC are unknown, making recovery of any further information on it difficult. Yet another unrelated LEGO racing game, LEGO Racers: The Video Game, was advertised in 2008/2009, but canceled.



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