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LEGO Rock Band
LEGO Rock Band
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Traveller's Tales
Backbone Entertainment (Nintendo DS)


MTV Games
Electronic Arts
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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November 3, 2009


Rhythm game


Single player, Multiplayer


ESRB: 10+


Nintendo DS, Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360


LEGO Rock Band is a music video game released in November 2009 by TT Games (Traveler's Tales Games). It is a Lego version spin-off of Rock Band series developed by Harmonix. Characters include the selection of original characters, existed celebrities from Rock Band series, and also several Lego line characters. The game was released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, and Nintendo DS.

Launch Trailer[]

A promotional trailer was published prior to the game's release. The trailer features the characters from the game driving or flying through various LEGO landscapes, like a city or the sea, while playing rock music on their instruments. One of their vessels, the Rock Band Bus, is available as downloadable building instructions. Several past and present LEGO sets appear in the trailer as well, such as 4958 Monster Dino (in green), 6285 Black Seas Barracuda and 7236 Police Car. The blue bus and the airplane only appear in the trailer. This trailer also appears in the game as the introduction sequence.


Like other Rock Band games, the Story mode follows the player's band through their career, starting by playing gigs at smaller venues and taking requests for special performances. Different from the original ones, the story also adds Lego-ish adventure elements. The default band members are Sir Thomas, Penny Twilight, Nicky Overdrive and Quentin Lance from Rock Band 2, but after the prologue, you may unlock and buy other band members to replace the original four via "Rock Shop".

List of songs[]

Song title Artist Decade Genre Nintendo DS
"A-Punk" Vampire Weekend 2000s Rock Yes
"Accidentally in Love" Counting Crows 2000s Rock Yes
"Aliens Exist" Blink-182 1990s Punk No
"Breakout" Foo Fighters 1990s Alternative No
"Check Yes Juliet" We the Kings 2000s Emo Yes
"Crash" The Primitives 1980s Pop/Rock Yes
"Crocodile Rock" Elton John 1970s Classic Rock No
"Dig" Incubus 2000s Alternative No
"Dreaming of You" The Coral 2000s Indie Rock No
"Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" The Police 1980s Pop/Rock No
"Fire" The Jimi Hendrix Experience 1960s Classic Rock No
"Free Fallin'" Tom Petty 1980s Classic Rock Yes
"Ghostbusters" Ray Parker Jr. 1980s Other Yes
"Girls & Boys" Good Charlotte 2000s Pop/Rock Yes
"Grace" Supergrass 2000s Alternative Yes
"I Want You Back" Jackson 5 1960s Pop/Rock Yes
"In Too Deep" Sum 41 2000s Punk Yes
"Kung Fu Fighting" Carl Douglas 1970s Pop/Rock Yes
"Let's Dance" David Bowie 1980s Glam Yes
"Life Is a Highway" Rascal Flatts 2000s Country Yes
"Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)" Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel 1970s Rock No
"Monster" The Automatic 2000s Alternative Yes
"Naïve" The Kooks 2000s Indie Rock No
"The Final Countdown" Europe 1980s Metal Yes
"The Passenger" Iggy Pop 1970s Rock Yes
"Real Wild Child" Everlife 2000s Pop/Rock No
"Ride a White Swan" T. Rex 1970s Glam No
"Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)" Lostprophets 2000s Rock No
"Ruby" Kaiser Chiefs 2000s Indie Rock Yes
"Short and Sweet" Spinal Tap 2000s Rock No
"So What" Pink 2000s Pop/Rock Yes
"Song 2" Blur 1990s Alternative Yes
"Stumble and Fall" Razorlight 2000s Rock No
"Suddenly I See" KT Tunstall 2000s Rock Yes
"Summer of '69" Bryan Adams 1980s Rock No
"Swing, Swing" The All-American Rejects 2000s Emo Yes
"Thunder" Boys Like Girls 2000s Emo No
"Tick Tick Boom" The Hives 2000s Punk No
"Two Princes" Spin Doctors 1990s Alternative Yes
"Valerie" The Zutons 2000s Pop/Rock No
"Walking on Sunshine" Katrina & the Waves 1980s Pop/Rock Yes
"We Are the Champions" Queen 1970s Classic Rock Yes
"We Will Rock You" Queen 1970s Classic Rock Yes
"Word Up!" Korn 2000s Nu-Metal No
"You Give Love a Bad Name" Bon Jovi 1980s Rock No

In addition to the list above, Lego Rock Band also supports a total of 539 songs from the game's back catalog of downloadable content, as well as imports from the first Rock Band game considered "Family Friendly" (exporting songs from Rock Band 2 is only possible into Rock Band 3). "Hysteria" and "Rock 'n' Roll Star" are featured only in the European version of Rock Band, while the other 22 songs are available across all versions of the game.

List of songs importable from Rock Band[]

Song title Artist Decade Genre
"29 Fingers" The Konks 2000s Rock
"Ballroom Blitz" As made famous by Sweet 1970s Glam
"Blitzkrieg Bop" Ramones 1970s Punk
"Can't Let Go" Death of the Cool 2000s Rock
"Cherub Rock" Smashing Pumpkins 1990s Alternative
"Dead on Arrival" Fall Out Boy 2000s Emo
"(Don't Fear) The Reaper" Blue Öyster Cult 1970s Classic Rock
"Epic" Faith No More 1980s Rock
"Foreplay/Long Time" Boston 1970s Classic Rock
"Go with the Flow" Queens of the Stone Age 2000s Rock
"Green Grass and High Tides" As made famous by The Outlaws 1970s Southern Rock
"Hysteria" Muse 2000s Alternative
"I Get By" Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives 2000s Rock
"Maps" Yeah Yeah Yeahs 2000s Rock
"Nightmare" Crooked X 2000s Metal
"Outside" Tribe 1990s Rock
"Pleasure (Pleasure)" Bang Camaro 2000s Rock
"Reptilia" The Strokes 2000s Rock
"Rock 'n' Roll Star" Oasis 1990s Rock
"Suffragette City" David Bowie 1970s Glam
"Time We Had" The Mother Hips 2000s Rock
"Tom Sawyer" As made famous by Rush 1980s Prog
"Wanted Dead or Alive" Bon Jovi 1980s Rock
"Won't Get Fooled Again" The Who 1970s Classic Rock

Rock Power Challenges[]

Rock Power Challenges are challenges in the video game. If they are completed, you can unlock new vehicles, performances, characters and other stuff.

  • Wreck 'n' Roll
    • Objective: Knock down a tower.
    • Song played: Tick, Tick, Boom
  • Shock Band
    • Objective: Get rid of the ghosts.
    • Song played: Ghostbusters
  • Rocktopus
    • Objective: Defend the pirate ship from the octopus attack.
    • Song played: In Too Deep
  • Rock the Crop
    • Objective: Help the farmer generating a storm.
    • Song played: Thunder
  • Rock the Boat
    • Objective: Help the people trapped into the ice.
    • Song played: Breakout
  • Securi-T-Rex
    • Objective: Escape from the Monster Dino.
    • Song played: Monster
  • Kings of Rock 'n' Troll
    • Objective: Defend the King's castle.
    • Song played: So What
  • Rock-It Fuel
    • Objective: Help the aliens to get their ship going.
    • Song played: The Final Countdown
  • Stop the Rock
    • Objective: Destroy the asteroids.
    • Song played: Crash


Sets appearing in the video game[]


The LEGO Rock Band game has been released for several consoles:

Set number Console Price
2853586 Wii €39.99
2853587 Nintendo DS €49.99
2853591 Xbox 360 €59.99
2853592 PlayStation 3 €59.99 Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Build a band and rock out!

LEGO® Rock Band™ delivers a unique family-friendly music experience that will take tweens, teens, families and gamers of all ages on a wild journey to rock stardom in order to “Build a Band and Rock the Universe.” Combining the authentic multiplayer music experience of Rock Band™ with the accessibility, customization and humor of LEGO® games, LEGO® Rock Band™ allows players to create their own unique rock star style and customize their own avatars, band members, roadies, and managers. As players successfully complete songs and rock challenges, they can collect LEGO® studs, unlock additional content and collect amazing vehicles, which can take their band from local gigs at rock clubs to epic stadium shows and even fantasy settings on Earth and beyond. ESRB RATING: EVERYONE with COMIC MISCHIEF, MILD LYRICS.

Additional sets/models[]

Concept Art[]

Concept art for the game by Pete Lyon




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