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LEGO Rock Raiders
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Rock Raiders


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Data Design Interactive


LEGO Media

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Real-Time Strategy (PC)
Action (PS1)


Windows PC, PlayStation


LEGO Rock Raiders is a video game based on the Rock Raiders theme. There are two versions of this game with the same name, on two different platforms.

Description This is a description taken from the back of the games case. Please do not modify it.

Stranded in orbit around an uncharted planet, the crew of the LMS Explorer is faced with the challenge of establishing a base camp beneath the planets surface.

Your mission is to take command of the Rock Raiders team and navigate the Rock Raiders' vehicles through 29 exciting missions. Explore underground caverns in 3 different types of terrain - Rock, Lava and Ice - in a quest to mine enough Energy Crystals to re-power the LMS Explorer and get the Rock Raiders back home safely.

Windows (PC)

A Rock Raider

The PC game is a real-time strategy similar to Dune II, and was the first video game for the Rock Raiders theme. The game opens with optional training missions and one "real" mission unlocked. The Chief explains the briefing of each mission. Most missions require the player to collect a certain amount of Energy Crystals. The required number of Energy Crystals during missions starts low, but gradually gets higher in later missions as a result of increased workload. Some missions require the player to locate fellow Rock Raiders that have been trapped in landslides, or to find certain pieces of equipment and bring them back to base.

One of the game's features is the Priority Menu. With this menu, players can set what order Rock Raiders carry out their tasks. For example, players can set whether Rock Raiders should collect Energy Crystals or LEGO Ore first.

At the end of each mission, Chief evaluates the player's work, examining various aspects of the mission. With all these taken into consideration, Chief gives a mission rating percentage.

There are twenty-five missions in total, with each of them taking place in either a rocky, volcanic or icy cavern environment. It is not necessary to complete every mission with 100%, or even complete all the missions, to complete the campaign.

Sony PlayStation


Unlike the PC game, the PlayStation game is an action and strategy game, in which the player controls a main character (i.e. Jet, Axle, Docs, Bandit or Sparks) instead of commanding a squad. Also, unlike the PC release, which is centered around constructing a base and mining, the PlayStation release centers around exploring the mission environment.

Most missions require the player to collect a certain amount of Energy Crystals, while some missions require the player to rescue Rock Raiders that have been trapped by landslides or other dangers. Some missions combine both of these objectives.

There are eighteen campaign missions and six multiplayer missions in the NTSC version. The PAL version includes eighteen different one-player and two-player missions, and three one-player bonus missions that are accessible after the campaign is completely finished with every mission completed to a Gold Medal standard (see below).

Rather than a percentage, at the end of each mission players receive either a Bronze Medal (minimum required objectives complete), a Silver Medal (most objectives complete), or a Gold Medal (all objectives complete). The criteria for these awards vary between the NTSC and PAL versions.

The player also has to remember the password (by keeping it as a record) to load the game's progress instead of just saving a game save file for it onto the computer's hard drive (or a PS1 memory card in this case) and loading it to continue the game.


  • According to the developer of NTSC version of the PlayStation 1 version, David Upchurch, Sony Computer Entertainment America approved the game but Sony Computer Entertainment Europe said it wasn't up to standards and requested fixes (which included all the new levels as replacements). The NTSC version was rushed out in six months and the PAL version took a further 3/4 months to overhaul it.


Set number Console Price
5708 Windows PC US $19.99
5709 PlayStation US $29.99